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st a list of things I'd do if I could fly

Well I would fly straight to the moon to bring the sands back here to you

And we'd make castles where we'd spend our days

And rooms that last eternities and perfect cracks get fixed with ease

And if it falls apart faster than we had planned we'll plan for something else

Doesn't matter if it's raining or it's dark you'll be my something else

The only else cared for, you are

And if I pray for one more thing it would be time

Just a second I could pause just one more minute at exhaust

Cause on the list of everything I need there's air but first there's you and me

There's love and love your everything

Cause I've had dreams were we collected all the clocks and put them all to bed

Because here inside this moment there is us there need be nothing else

This is something I've wished for

If I had to walk the earth a thousand times I'd do it cause I love you

Because if you said I had too I would know it to be true

And I would spend every night under the stars

To memorize the patterns both our heart beats would make

It might stop me from shaking

And the truth is I'd be shameless and I'd be grateful

For this one chance, for our first dance, you are the one

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