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I keep every tear like an ocean

For every day that my fortune

Kept me from being with you

I cradle your faith that reveals me

Grows like a flower then heals me

Fills me with promise anew

I carry your worn disillusion

When my pathetic confusion

Kept me from speaking the truth

I'm simply a coin in your fountain

Lost like the seconds I'm counting

Till I am closer to you

(Chorus A)

I cherish every morning that found us

With the night scattered around us

Faded and painting me blue

I carry your joy in my footsteps

Making my way to your harbor

Don't need to go any farther

You are my sun and my moon

(Chorus B)

Wrapped in your arms where it's peaceful

Back in your arms where I'm happy

I would do anything gladly

Only to see you again

(Chorus C)

Wrapped in your arms I can wander

Out to the heavens above me

Hearing you say that you love me

Back in your arms where I'm free

I keep every phrase barely spoken

That from your lips may have broken free

As you give me your love

My yearning is constant and steady

When I'm with you I'm already

Everything I can become

(Repeat chorus A,B & C)

(Repeat chorus B & C)

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