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Here we are<br>Face to face<br>We forget, time and place<br>Hold me now<br>Don't let go<br>Though it hurts and we both know<br>The time we spend together's gonna fly<br>And everything you do to me<br>Is gonna feel so right<br>Baby when you're loving me<br>I feel like I could cry<br>'cause there's nothing I can do<br>To keep from loving you<br><br>Here we are<br>All alone<br>Trembling hearts, beating strong<br>Reaching out, a breathless kiss<br>I never thought could feel like this<br>I want to stop the time from passing by<br>I wanna close my eyes and feel your lips are touching mine<br>Baby when you're close to me<br>I want you more each time<br>And there's nothing I can do, to keep from loving you<br><br>(bridge)<br>There's nothing I can do<br>I'm helpless in your arms<br>Oh baby what you do<br>I'm in love, this is it<br>There's no turning back this time<br>No no no<br>Here we are<br>Once again<br>But this time we're only friends<br>Funny world<br>Sometimes lies<br>Become the game, when love's the prize<br>And though no one knows what's going on inside<br>And all the love I feel for you<br>Is something I should hide<br>When I have you close to me<br>The feeling's so sublime<br>That there's nothing I can do<br>To keep from loving you<br>No, no, no, can't keep from loving you baby no, no, no

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