Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller - The Lady's In Love With You

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(Frank Loesser/Burton Lane)

(vocals: Tex Beneke)

Hello there Texas what you say

I'd like to bend your ear if you're going my way

Okay Glenn what's worrying you

Tell me the story & I'll see what I can do

Well, I got a new gal that's a real killer diller

But I'm not so sure that she goes with Mr. Miller

Hm, that's nothing to worry about

Man don't you know how to go about finding out

No, you tell me, Texas

If there's a gleam in her eye

Each time she straightens your tie

You'll know the lady's in love with you;

If she can dress for a date

Without that waitin' you hate,

It means the lady's in love with you.

And when your friends ask you over to join their table,

But she begs a far-away booth for two,

Well, sir, here's just how it stands:

You've got romance on your hands,

Because the lady's in love with you

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