Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller - The Air-minded Executive

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(Bernie Hanighen/Johnny Mercer)

(vocals: Tex Beneke and Dorothy Claire)

Life, Look, Pic, Peek always print a beautiful cast

And another thing they love

Is a certain photograph

You take the Time, Tide, Newsweek, ev'ry editorial staff

Over a beer they agree

The man of the year

Is the air-minded executive

Who dearly loves to fly

He was an up to date go-getter

His lady friend was even better

She went along to take a letter

Just to be nearby

The air-minded executive

Will take off on the sly

He was a most romantic fella

And all the things he used to tell her

About the role of his propeller

Somewhere in the sky

Foggy or fair,

Gotta be there

Lightin' a flare at the airport

Fillin' the tanks

Callin' the banks

Tellin' them, "Hold up the contract!"


Airminded executive became a wealthy guy

And so he wed his secretary

They settled down in Waterbury

And they commute by stratos-ferry

My, they love to fly

Even as you and I


Hi, Texecutive, whattaya say?

Ah man, I just flew in from the Milky Way

Well, how's the missus, Tex, can you stay a spell?

Ah, sure is nice to see you all, oh, well

Foggy or fair, gotta be there

Meetin' a square at the airport

Gotta arrive

Happy new jive

Maybe I'll get me a contract


My, we love to fly!

Even as you and I


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