Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller - Dear Arabella

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(Stanley Joseloff, Sidney Lippman)

(vocals:Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke and the Modernaires)

Dear Arabella, this Army life's okay

But Arabella, I miss you more each day

While I'm parading and reducing fore-and-aft

I hope that your love won't get cold in the draft

Kindly remember wherever you may be

You're your private's private property

Dear Arabella,

Remember I'm your fella

And you're mine, all mine

Hey, Sergeant, hold my mop and pail

Won't you clean up while I go and get my mail

You got a letter from Arabella

Well, I'm Arabella's fella

There's an Airmail Special on its way

She writes the same thing ev'ry day

"Dear Private Johnny, don't worry over me

'Cause, Private Johnny, I'm faithful as can be

I keep your picture by the sofa near the fire

For me and my boyfriends to sit and admire

They may want kisses but I am always true

I close my eyes and make believe it's you"

So, lucky fella,

You can depend on Arabella

"Drop me a line,

Tall, dark and private"

Arabella, my Arabella,

Oh, won't you tell me that you're mine!

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