Givers - Meantime

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I don’t mind that I mind sometimes

It’d be easier with you girl

Oh, how I know, yes the glow, the show

The difference between them, go

Separate the lines

Still hoping that your mind will be a friend with me

and calling out your light

We gonna see our shadows dance and come to be

See how they love, still you won’t go

Love and happiness is growin’ in your vase

And all we think of time

Made it in our minds, the lines, the lines

I know why I find that line so haunting appealing

Cause oh, how it shows, yes the glow offset the distance between us

And it’s gonna get heavier, heavier

And it’s gonna get brighter too

And it’s been such a long time waiting for you

All your wasted time, caught up in your mind

Your line, your mind, yes your line

All your wasted lines, caught up in your time, your time

And all this time you lost you will learn again

It comes, it goes, it washes away

It comes, it goes, and what will you say

Don’t get stuck in the meantime

No such thing as the meantime


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