GIL SCOTT-HERON - Me And The Devil

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Early this morning

when you knocked

upon my door (2x)

An I say

Hello Satan

I believe its time to go

Me and the Devil

Walking side by side (2x)

And I'm gonna see my woman

'til I get satisfied

See See

You don't see why

Like you'a dog me 'round

*Now babe you know I ain't do it like that

Say I

Don't see why

people dawging me around

It must be that old old evil spirit

that spirit drop me down in your ground

you may

bury my body

down by the highway side

*I don't really care where you bury me when I'm gone

I'm gone

you may bury my body

down by the highway side

So my old evil spirit

can greyhound

bus that ride

--Bonus part


in the ruins of another black mans life

Or flying through the valley

separating day and night

I am am Death,

Cried the Vulture,

for the people of the light

Caron brought his raft

from the sea that sails on souls

and I saw the scavenger departing

taking warm hearts to the cold

he knew the ghetto was a haven

for the meanest creature ever known

in a wilderness of heart break

in a desert of despair

Evil's clarion of justice

shrieks a cry of naked terror

taking babies from their mamas

leaving grief beyond compare

so if you see the vulture coming

flying circles in your mind

remember their is no escaping

for he will follow close behind

only promise me a battle

a battle

for your soul and mind

and mine

and mine

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