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Watching players dealing in the fast lane

Set your camera shutters for the fast frames

Like Charlie Chaplin movies that go so quick

Fending off a stampede is no easy trick

Pulses pounding, people rounding dead ends

At this pace you'll never hold your old friends

Try to build relations that just won't stick

Examining the options you take your pick

Moving too fast?

That's a question only you can answer

Losing your grip!

Are your palms a little bit slippery, huh?

If you crash

Crash landings always got the captain to blame

But you're the captain driving in the fast lane

Losers there to see you in the fast lane

Misery loves company so they claim

Excitement is the currency we deal in

Nursing your casualties so healing

If you want to major in distraction

Too bad if you're not pleased with my reaction

But I've seen so much out here that it is real plain

That nothing last for long out in the fast lane

I don't want to come off like a preacher

But I swear it's not too late to return

Somehow square and hip got put in reverse

Putting things in fifth gear made it much worse

None of this may influence your direction

But I hope you can still take suggestions

There's a woman out there calling your name

Hope that you don't blow it in the fast lane

Moving too fast!

We're all praying that somehow you don't crash

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