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Gigi Leung - Gei Zi Ji Di Qing Ge lyrics

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Why do not intend to I envy

To try to forget the two-legged landing where

Trojan has clearly I am ready to

What is more wronged you have unilaterally terminated this game

I am grateful to you for a good hearted person pushed me to study in order to walk a fall

Knew that no good as the Fan? Bubble can you good to me

You do not have six-blowing high-you to promise to be good, I can make that point to a high degree of

Unnecessary trouble with you would prefer to protect themselves when there is no experience

Meet once each day to look beautiful

Intoxicated with the story of the United States should encourage each other chase

If the family did not lovers corner

Force behind this arrangement has Whom

I'll be loving you

For allowing me to stay with you for life, the way in the world even if we have too many samples

Physical and psychological injuries obviously have been pretending to skin trauma he went to applause with a smile Bo

Can enrich the old days can be lonely too long

Be able to forget the result should not be forgotten encounter

Who, when when I feel no matter what day When will Lamo

Geo-road event of confusion when the vicissitudes of wind and rain

When I want to add another name surname

Uncomfortable I would also like to know the great significance of falling in love

Enjoy fool of me (the future is in the home)

No tears, do not forget to leave I will not be a joke

Along the way if you call early in the morning then called hoarse shouting a password

Millions of Name-ri Who is your Who I checked

Cinderella felt absolutely no fear of this poor helpless

One person a thousand miles all the way there with the story characters

Died of heart collapse of the land will not be angry if you do not know

On a night of a certain place you are looking at the snow, said the final parting

Does love have to wait long before learned to fly how love of self<br />

<br />

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