Gigi Leung

Gigi Leung - G For Girl lyrics

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Only willing to talk about this a number of letters (many are offering stuff fascinated by this one)

If phase I understand and agree to the Galaxy

Blossoming young girl is now grown up, vowing to build wave of magic

Scarf skirt such as the burning of floating clouds Let me magic on the overpass

I think tonight I ask you to put a perfect century and who also have the right to be a small victory in the game

She's glamorous, she's glittering,

she's glorious, she's glowing,

she's gorgeous, she's grand, she's Gigi

Sunshine is not enough light red flowers in full bloom to reveal sexy let me shine

Heavy makeup, such as fashion, such as fluorescent Xiaguang Let me be more tender and beautiful like a Begonia<br />

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