GHULAM ALI - mere shouq da nai aitibar tenu lyrics

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mere shouq da nai aitibar tenu, aaja waikh mera intizar aa ja

ainway lukh bahane labna aye, ke tu sochna aye, sitamgar aa ja

panwey hijr te panwe visal howay wakhon wakh dohan dian lazatan ne

mere sohnia ja hazar wari, aa ja pyaria, te lakh waar aa ja

aay riwaj hay masjidan mandiran da, uthay hastian te khud’paristian nay

mai’khane wich mastian e mastian ne, hosh kar, ban ke hoshiar aa ja

tu sada te tera dil sada, tenu ainway raqeeb qura paya

je tu mere janaze te nai aaya, raah takde ne teri, mazar aa ja

sukhi wasna je tun chahnwa aye, mere ghaliba es jahan under

aa ja rindan di bazm wich, aa bai ja, ithe baithde ne khaksar aa ja


You do not trust my passion, come and see how I’m waiting, come to me!

million excuses for no apparent reason, what you thinking tyrant, come to me!

Whether separate, whether together, both have a separate taste in doing so

My love, go away thousand times, come back my love, come back million times

You are famous in mosques and temples, devoid worshipers worship you there

Drunkenness is rampant in the bar, come to senses, as a sober person, come to me!

You are simple/mine, your heart is simple/mine, you got a bad rival for no reason

You did not come to my funeral, still waiting for you, come to my grave

If you want to lead an easy/happy life, my situation in this world

come to humble folk‘s party, come-n-sit down, humbles sit here, come to me!

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Wednesday 4th of October 2023 04:00
Heart touching gazal.Thanks for excellant translation to understand intensity of gazal by legend Ghalib and sung by Ghulamali Sahib the another legend.Love you .
Wednesday 10th of April 2013 15:58
i dont know punjabi at all but music is universal is proved by this ghazal which is out of the world