GETO BOYS - We Can't Be Stopped lyrics

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Yeahit's time to do it like a g.o. once again

You know in 1989 we knocked on the door

In 1990 we beat on the door

Now it's 1991 and we fiend to kick this muthafucka in

Lets talk about a scandal

The album geffen found too hot to handle

Fucked up the minds of you and yours

The last lp from the geto boys

Can you believe those hypocrites

Who distribute guns n roses but not our shit

And they say we're a racist act

Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black

Man fuck them hoes

We got new partners and got shit done regardless

Cause our fans are everready down to die hard

Around the globe to 5th ward

I read a news report

Some lawyer in florida wanna take us to court

Somebody tell that country ass hick

To go suck a dead man's dick

You scream obscenitybut it's publicity

You want hoes so don't act like you don't know

Better fuck with somebody else before you get popped

Cause we can't be stopped

Geto boys geto boys

Geto boys geto boys

People are frightened when they hear the boys

Cause we ain't just a bunch of noise

None of that me me rappin'

We let your mutherfuckin as know what's happenin

Bitches get rapedniggas get murdered

Adults fuckin kids in numbers unheard of

It's on the news every hour

Why can't I talk about it?

Everybody seem to be after us

Even the manufacturers

Wouldn't press our discyou know it wasn't fair

Fuck everybody who work there

And every mutherfuckin reporter

Across every mutherfuckin border

You said the album wasn't coming out fighter

But when it did you couldn't find your typewriter

Keep lettin the government dictate what you hear

Next they'll put stickers on your ears

Even with that move we got 'em in anguish

Cause we'll learn sign language

We can't be stopped

Geto boys geto boys

Willie d is the gangsta of love

Some of my friends sell drugs

I sell knowledge that you can't get a hoe

Cause the game is so not toe

Promoters took away our tour

Negative press made them insecure

And you wonder why you never see a video

Of the boys from the geto

No radiotalkshowor magazine were we in

And we still in the top 10

You can't beat that with a bat

Huhhammer can't touch that

We from the muhafuckin south

Now what was that bullshit about?

That we had to be from cali or new york

Anybody can make it that got heart

Trenchcoats and gangster hats got my back

Any nigga around me got to pack

So come on muthafuckascome on muthafuckasfuck!

We can't be stopped

Geto boys geto boys

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