GETO BOYS - We Boogie lyrics

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Gangsters don't dance pop, we boogie on some hard shit

Fuck the V.I.P., we buy the bar

and it's a party goin on, but we came in here to close it

Twenty niggaz deep in the corner ready to roll shit

They dancin freaky, lookin sleazy as fuck

Ass bouncin everywhere, tryin to tease me with butt

But we ain't drinkin, we just chillin, we ain't sweatin these hoes

And I ain't here to answer questions, I'm just lettin you know

that if your cousin got a label or your partner can rap

Nigga cool, do your thizzle, give your partner some dap

But if you come up in this muh'fucker cappin in here

Man you ain't gon' believe what's fin' to happen in here

I'm a Southside nigga representin the good

For the North East and West side keepin it hood

Dirty wit it, I don't hesitate to put it to work

Pussy niggaz on that bullshit get put in the dirt

So recognize what I be about, I'm mobbin for life

Geto Boys back together bitch, we squabbin tonight

Got the whole hood ridin cause we keepin it street

FaceMob, Chuck boogie, Willie D to the beat

[Chorus: x2]

We don't dance, we boogie - ride, we boogie

Ball, we boogie - shine, we boogie

So up jump the boogie, and straight hood boogie

I'm a real nigga gangsters don't dance, we boogie

[Bushwick Bill]

Chuck Nice still in it, I ain't switchin it up

Weed smokin in the boys room, livin it up

Blue suits lookin stupid, I ain't givin a fuck

5th Ward, bloody nickel got me hittin it what

I'ma move it to the back, I wanna look at the show

See this chick I used to mash comin up through the do'

I approach her on some cool shit, I'm walkin her in

I'm in town for a minute and I'm wantin a friend

Fire up another phillie, steady feedin her lies

Eyes rollin to the back of her head, she was high

She was stupid like a snake, steady lickin her lips

{?} drugs up out the bird, so I pull out my dick

Started flashin at the party, I was drunk as a fuck

Full of weed, 'bout to conceive and twist it in public

'Til this chick walked in, said she's lovin the show

Started askin me to dance, I was tellin her noooooooo!


[Willie D]

Walk through the do' and the DJ announce

Stop the motherfuckin music, Willie D in the house

He backed on it with my jam, that nigga was cool

He wasn't a bitch-ass ho like some of these fools

Keep the waitress on her toes, tipped her a bank

Northside niggaz just love to crank

Does any one of y'all fools up in here got a gripe?

We kickin y'all motherfuckin ass tonight

Come at me sideways, I don't care if you law

I'm a dot that eye, and check that jaw

Dragged across the bar top partner

Slam you on the dance flo' and stomp the shit out ya

Somebody give me a drink to calm me down

It can be Wild Turkey, gin or Crown

I like 'em big, don't fuck with malnourished chicks

Now shake that ass you dirty bitch


Nigga! Side to side, drinkin hand, understand?

Y'all motherfuckin niggaz be, backin that thang up, runnin hoppin

Whistle while you twerkin and, motherfuckin sissy-boyin

Real men bout it, you ain't even supposed to be able to move like that

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