GETO BOYS - Trophy lyrics

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"Who gives a fuck about a God damn grammy?"

(Willie D)

Yo, Flav, I give a fuck about a God damn grammy

But them motherfuckin hoes won't hand me one

At least you was invited by the biggots

The motherfuckers told me to buy a ticket

To the phoney ass ceremony

Fuck oscar, emmy, and tony

Cause when it comes to award time

Niggaz be standin on the God damn sideline

I'm loadin my nine, cause I got a lotta grudges

I'm bout to take out the judges

Willie D won't shit cha but hit cha

Take a look at the overall picture

Every year its the same old story

Same faces, same catergories, I sold a lotta records and a lotta people know me

Now where's my God damn trophy?

I'm under a microscope, for the songs I wrote

Cause the ganksta of love don't scapegoat

I tell it like it is that's why they don't ban me

I ain't tryin to make nobody happy

I'm from the streets so I kick it for the ghetto

I can't talk about shit I don't know

Your whole vocabulary's baby baby baby

That's why you so God damn crazy

And it should be a crime

One sucka gets nominated 5 or 6 damn times

It ain't that he's better than the rest

It's just a damn popularity contest

Or a bribe or a favor

Motherfuckers make a speech and they think that they major

I sold a lotta records and a lotta people know me

Now where's my God damn trophy?

(Award host)

"And the winner is George Strait"

"For best female vocalist, Reba McIntyre"

"Most appearances made after death, Elvis Presley

The king couldn't be here due to illness

So to accept his award on his behalf, we have Grateful Dead"

It ain't what you know, it's who you know bro

That's why I'm not on your radio and your video show

It's gettin kinda hectic

And I still ain't kissin no ass to be accepted

They finally gotta category for rap

But don't blink cause you'll miss it in the format

And if you follow my suggestions

9 times outta 10 you see some country western

They need to have Willie D on that stage

Pumpin his fists like this and gettin bliss

With MD-20 20

Or the 40 O-Z wit the rest of the GB

I'm tired of your boring shows

I make your stuck up ass audience say HO!

I sold a lotta records and a lotta people know me

Now where's my God damn trophy

(Award host)

"And the winner is Randy Travis

And Guns and...hey what the?"

(Willie D)

"GET the fuck outta the way

Get your ass out the God damn way

Yo man, the real motherfuckin winners is

The God damn Geto Boys for most fuck words in a song

The Bitch Killa of the Year grammy goes to

That nigga you love to have Ice Cube

The nasty ass group award goes out to 2 Live Crew

The High Roller of the industry award goes out to Ice T

The pro-black grammy goes out to Public Enemy

Cause they too black and they too God damn strong

And we gonna give the lip-sync God damn motherfuckin grammy

To those punk motherfuckers, Milli Vanilli"

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