GETO BOYS - This Dick's for You lyrics

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[Big Mike]

This goes out to you H-O-E's

Swangin on the nuts of us motherfuckin G's

You ain't never seen a nigga like me baby

Big Mike aka Big D D

Big dick daddy, droppin you hoes in the sack

Bustin nut after nut on your motherfuckin back

If your nigga wants to make love to you, cool let a nigga know

Cause a nigga like myself just wana fuck you hoe

And if you don't want him to know I won't snitch

You can be his girl but you know you'll always be my bitch

My freak my hoe my tramp my moneymaker

Keep yo bitch right or a nigga like myself will take a smooth

Off the S-L-A-B

And why you trippin you know your bitch will be rollin with me

So to ladies and everyone throughout your crew

Give a smile in the mean watch out

This dick is for you


I, bitch I just want to fuck you

Dick, sucked the whole night through

Ass, licked as if I was a star

This dick is for you baby; wherever you are, hey

[Bushwick Bill]

Bitches I scoop them up like jacks

Stack them like racks and send them home with their pussy off tracks

Cause they be figuring me to be a light weight

But if it gets 'em into the bed, then that's OK

Cause when I get them, I'm doin damage to that pussy hole

Not only do I fuck the body, but I fuck the soul

What other nigga do you know that can handle this

Hijack the pussy from the back and dismantle it

It sounds kind of difficult, but it ain't

The only difficulty that occurs is when the pussy's stank

Cause then I'm a have to send you home and throw you in a ditch

Or leave you for the garbage man you unsanitary bitch

So spread your legs wide open boo

And let a nigga like me get down, cause this dick is for you



Bitches say I talk bad cause I'm real

And to me expressin myselfis tellin a bitch just how I feel

I had a couple of women in my life but yo

In 1992 I realized that they was hoes

Cause hoes will straight up do hoe shit

Bitches even more shit

And ladies will give you no shit

So I kicked back and played the hand that I was dealt

Peep game in the mix, and let these hookers play themself

Cause 80 percent of the bitches I meet ain't shit but money bandits

I front like I'm giving up bank

Stick dick in they ass, and leave 'em stranded

But for women, I got a better tactic cause I love them

They come to Mr. Brad cause their mistreated by their husbands

So I hook up shit to make it right

Just call me tonight

And I'll make sure that everything runs tight

Cause if he don't appreciate you boo

The way that I do

You need to let him run back to his crew

Cause he don't understand what you goin through

But regardless to who I screw

This dick is for you


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