GETO BOYS - The Unseen lyrics

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Legalizing an abortion, ain't that a bitch? !

Ugh, ugh...

These busted ass whores are going crazy

You might as well take up plugs before you make babies

And watch their motherfucking brains, stupid

And take the rep for the murder you did, you son of a bitch

Cause killing babies ain't gank

Cause your mamma would've flushed your ass down her ass crack

You dump ass whores with no hope for it

Killing babies ain't shit, you're on work for it

They're just trying to wipe her ass out

Cause the niggaz be the ones with their bellies all poked out

And even like to be the desolate by another

You need to pass me a gat, and let me kill some of you motherfuckers

That's why I'm clear with

But this world would be fucked if it was ran by you stupid bitches

At least give the kids a chance

And if you're going unprotected, keep your pussy in your panties

Cause you whores will get the Guillotine

If I would adjust for one of you bitches killing off the unseen

What the fuck is this protesting?

Legalizing killing babies and shit with no question

Police beating up the freeze cutie

Cause they were praying for the unseen dead bodies

And us niggaz ain't playing that game, bitch

Fuck George Bush, fuck the court that laying shit

And While I'm at him fuck way too

Little murdered more innocents cause they cooperated bitch you

Get the dick out of your mouth

And wake up because you're sending these kids to the slaughter house

Instead of sending out niggaz to the meets cutter

You need to send some of these gay motherfuckers

Ugh, now listen to me ladies: Howcome you're killing them?

But don't pity your little babies

Now, think about that!

They bring your ass some blood wrapped up in a paper sack

Wake up from this motherfucking dream

And Stop killing the unseen

Prat got pregnant, now she is off to the bathroom

To get the baby socked out of her ass with the vaccum

Label her killer, hide and induct her ass doing in

Shouldn't had your ass out screwing, bitch

Unprotected, getting that sperm injected

Now, you wanna cry cause you're pregnant!

They need to pass the bill

To stop all these babies getting killed

PBs getting pregnant fudge thrill

But they won't stop it

Cause everybody is in it for a profit

Politicians looking at thier pockets

And this shit is sissiness

People getting whipped due this baby killing business

We need to get a grip and chill

And stop sending our unseen to the killing field

Ugh, and you know what Big Mike?

We gotta talk about... these niggaz who, you know...

Let these girls go through this shit though, right? !

You know what I'm saying?

Now, break that shit off

What's happening my nigga; what's happening my man?

I know what you're thinking, I know your motherfucking plan

Run, run, run from your motherfucking duties

Didn't want the baby but you wanted the bitch's booty

Fuck her then forgot her, get her right but then you'll quit her

Told her have an abortion or you ain't getting back with her

Another baby dying, another bitch crying

Another nigga lying when he needs to be frying

For going in the murder, he never meant to hurt her

But now she had the baby, all he did was desert her

Xed her out, kicked her to the curb and dumped her

Dumb motherfucker, ain't you heard of a rubber

And if not a rubber, respite the bulleting

Nigga; wake up and stop killing the unseen

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