GETO BOYS - The Secret lyrics

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You know what? I'm destined to be the last man standin

Carefully mappin my escape through plannin

Come in and get it, and leave here with it

Makin fo' sho' that I'll be free when I hit

It's like a dope man's lotto, the dope man follows

The rule here is simple and this is my motto

To get it how you get it homey, Marciealago

Get you a house built keep you a dollar though Cause when it's over it's over, no cheese to borrow

You fuck around, get indicted, ain't no tomorrows

My homey locked up, been six years tight

But six years is nothin, cause this kid's life

is off is a cage, for the rest of his days

A price that he paid for the mistake he made

So I'm more focused cause my lifestyle's bogus

I got to get out cause this fast life's over

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

You've got seasons to rise,and moments to descend.

You'll find the peace in the end.

Don't cry, the secret is to win.

[Bushwick Bill]

They say the ends, justifies the means

So I guess a drug dealer justifies the fiends

Poverty and unemployment justifies the screams

The reason he stacks his paper just to buy it clean

2006 with shoes the size of me

But in the end he wasn't really what he tried to be

I'd never let no war justify me

I question how hard some of these cats really be

Cause real niggaz don't speak, our actions talk more

Don't make me flip and turn these streets into a chalk war

I do this for all the real niggaz that smoke trees

The hustlers, players, pimps, and O.G.'s

For the up-and-comin cats to the old schoolers

The ones that remember Private Stock and Calvin Coolidge

It's a struggle to make it, keep pushin

See how far you can take it, two eye or one eye navigate it what


[Willie D]

I know this cocksucker pullin me over because of my skin

But the secret is to win, so I hold it in

I'm yessir'n, no sir'n, but when he pull off he diss

A motherfuckin, dick-suckin, redneck son of a bitch

All it takes is one pussy who ain't gettin none

to catch you on a dark street, and put you to sleep

Dude was one deep, at the sto', he said I ain't no ho

Got clapped in the back of his 'fro, woo

It didn't have to go like that, believe me mister

Someday, niggaz gon' respect these pistols

Play the safe, get out the way, when a fool got the ups

Pride'll get a motherfucker shot in the guts

And remember this before you grown, and the day that you gone

Greed it don't last too long

The secret is to win jump out the game and have money for life

Not to stick around 'til you lose all your shit to the vice


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