GETO BOYS - Straight Gangstaism lyrics

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...when the fire dies down what the fuck you gonna do?

Damn it feels good to be a gansta...

YeahI take y'all way back

Seven years old

I'm lookin' up to the ganstas in the hood

'cause to me and my cousins yeah they represented good

Even when we played cops and robbers on the block

Nobody wanted to play the cop yeah

'cause the cop was a pussy-ass bitch

And if you played the copnigga you got your ass kicked!

I was a curious child

I used to hang out by the ballroom and study the gansta style

The way they talkthe way they walkthe way they act

The way they wore dat gansta hat

Tiltedrim layed flat out

Now that's the type a shit I'm talkin' about yeah

Cigarette in one handdrink in the other

Leanin' to one sidecooler than a motherfucker

With the ganstass nicknames

Killin' boypokeybig joego-deallil lane

True muthafuckin' mack daddies

Bitch on the sidedrivin' the '73 caddy

Wid a chrome plated .357

Ready to send a muthafucka on a stairway to heaven

I was fascinatedyeah

I let 'em influence meand my momma hate it

But she still gave me love

'cause my momma understood

That it was in my blood

See I was a psycho

And in a few mo' years she wouldn't have to worry about a michael

'cause I'll be makin' my own decisionsyeah

Comin' up fastclockin' cash

Straight ganstaism

Yeah... uh... on and on and on and on and on... yeah... uh

Break it down


Like dat

Like dat


Now is '93

I got a name fo' myself

Made a little doughplayed the cards I was dealt

Didn't go fo' selfnow I'm a ghuh

And every muthafuckin' body know me

Niggas in the hoodall got love

'cause they saw me raise up from a muthafuckin scrub

And hoes that I know

From way back befo'

They used to say no

All wanna go to the hotel

'cause they claim that they intrested

And everybody talkin' about the shit that they wish they did

But I surpassed all that

They used to wanna know if I was downnow they don't ask all that

'cause they believin' what they seein'

A young nigga comin' up fastyeah

Sittin' back as a youngstapeepin' out ma folks

Some were straight g's and some when not smoking dope

I had to cope wid itbe a man and stay strong

Even though some folks didn't think that I'd live long

I watch grandpa shoot dice at the liquo' sto'

Gettin' licks in the dough ague and the big joe

Walkin' out the door wid a gallon of jack

Sellin' straight cess booze 'cause back then there weren't no crack

A matter factto this day

I'm doin' shit like grandpa in every way

I got my hustle on loc I ain't frontin'

Jus' a young nigga in this world tryin' ta have somethin' yeah

That's then you find and I know

That's how I was raised and that's how I'm a go

I dunno will I ever be a cell mate but I do know I'm never goin' straight...


Yeah [toke] really doe [toke] 3-2 in the muthafuckin' house doe [toke]

Down with the mutherfuckin' gb [toke]

And y'all gonna hear the original big baby really doe [toke]

And the mutherfuckin' 9 to the deuce!

I know you heard that big baby [toke] yeah [toke]

We got seag in the muthafuckin' house doe from oakland [toke] yeah

We got big mike yeeahuhfattey hattey yeeahuh

We got big chief and lejayreally doe [toke]

Say big babylookit my deed [laugh laugh]

You fuckin' bitch! [laugh laugh laugh] really doe

Bido in the muthafuckin' houseyeah

Nigga face evil [toke] really doe [toke]

They can't fade this soft shit doe [toke]

Uh the they can't fade it doe

I'm outta this beeyatch!


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