GETO BOYS - Snitches lyrics

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I hate that snitch, I hate that snitch

I hate that snitch, I hate that sniiiiiiitch~!

Now listen up, all you hustlers - I got a story or two

I got to tell you 'bout these snitches, because they're snitchin on you

See we're known for 5th Ward and we take no jive

You're like a cat - but guess what - you don't have nines lives, and

NOW, you've, GOT, too

Beware of the snitch - homeboy they smile in your face

Within a few damn hours, he'll piss all over the place

You've got some snitches, homeboy and that's without doubt

But when the press comes out, he'll end up snitchin himself

Because I robbed, I stole, yo and Red got away

We all got got, you know why, because of snitchin away, and

And there's, snitches everywhere, and they brought in two

You got caught, crackin and they told on you

But me and dis homeboy was real cool you know

I took his girlie off with me and she gave me a blow

Now just imagine what happened, the very next day

The other fella snitched us on because they couldn't get no play, and

This is the end homeboy, well it's last but not least

Jukebox is gonna hip you to the jams we seek

Do-do-do-do-do-do you know that dance - yeah they call it the wop

But those snitches have a dance they call the crimstop, and

"I never trusted him, I never trusted him, I never trusted him"

"For all I know he had me set up"

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