GETO BOYS - Size Ain't Shit lyrics

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Yo Bushwick, whaddya do when m'fuckas underestimate your size man?

First of all I laugh

(Then what?)

Smash their ass like a goddamn carcrash

So if you wanna try your luck

C' pussy'n'get fucked

Ass-hole snicker and get beat

Your a bad motherfucker if you dare to compete

Cause Diana Ross be comin' at your ass fool

And have you singing the blues

To all now bicker and I'll pound

Let's go around

Imma take ya, shake ya

Then brake ya down

And if you kick Imma pick up a stick

And beat your ass to the size of your dick

And that's small

And you think you're mackin' when you're lackin?

Bushwick is packin!

I'll show your girl how a real man feels

Large things come in very small packages

And while your gettin' on your knees to fuck

A nigga like me's still standin' up

Any bitch will tell you:

As long as he got a big dick, size ain't shit

Liftin weights'll make you bigger

But lift me you be a dead-ass nigga

You wanna squabble coz ya think you're tougher?

(Automatic unloading) Swallow that motherfucker!

Those are called bullets, they got 'em in every state

To keep niggaz like you in place

And since I'm a trigga happy nigga

Look for your place to be in a

Cemetary, you goddamn sucka

Lying next to another bad motherfucka

Reputation ain't shit coz see:

Once you done dead in the past don't excite me


You can't have!

Any motherfucker wanna get with Bushwick?

Bring it on 'cause your size ain't shit!

I been a stupid-ass motherfucker ever since

I been a stupid-ass motherfucker ever since

I been a stupid-ass motherfucker ever since

The penitentiary became my residence

It wasn't nothin' for me to disfigure

You little nickle-and-dime-assed niggaz

Shank a motherfucker in a minute

And I knew my Mexican holmes'd be wit'it

I don't give a fuck about a pardon

The shit I was startin', nor a goddamn warden

Take a motherfucker like you

And without remorse this is what I'll do:

Punk you down and make you be my bitch

Then make you shit on this dick...for 1 cigarette!!

It ain't any harder then my dick when you talkin' shit

Carry on motherfucker 'cause your size ain't shit

Some stupid motherfucker said he had an advantage

Fuck my size, you wanna do damage?

Contestant #1 c'mon down!

You're the next motherfucker Imma clown

So don't get excited like your bid is fair

Cause you ain't winnin' shit but a root canal

When I throw a motherfuckin' right cross

And bust you down your goddamn mouth

Now where's the height comin' from?

Don't make me use this goddamn gun

Cause I'll give your ass hell then charge ya rent

Fuck you up like a goddamn accident

Innocent is how I look

But a nigga this size ain't supposed to cook

You took me for a sucker that day...

Now bitch you find out the hard way:

Size ain't shit!!

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