GETO BOYS - Scarface lyrics

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All I have in this world)

(All I have in this world)

(All I have in)

(All I have in)

(All I have in this world)

(All I have in)

(All I have in)

(All I have in)

(All I have in)

(All I have in)

(All I have in this world)





[ VERSE 1: Scarface ]

I started small time, dope game, cocaine

Pushin rocks on the block, I'm never broke, mayn

Sportin jewelry and the shit that came with rollin hard

You try to school me, you'll get served with no regard

Boy, don't test me, cause I'm tired of teachin lessons

So muthafuck you and that bullshit that you're stressin

Cause it ain't nothin but the money flow in this camp

And if you short me, you'll forever wear a stamp

So watch your back and prepare for the hitman

Life of the black, and the D-Act don't take no shit, and

You'll be bumped up, bumped off, no trace

On the for realer, my nigga, just call me Scarface

(Crazy muthafucka from the street) --> MC Ren

(All I have in this world)

(All I have in this world)





[ VERSE 2: Scarface ]

I'm in the South Park, night falls, over the streets

It's gettin dark, Mike calls, he's been beat

Round up the posse, y'all, and bring the heat

And when it's over, all I want is bloody meat

Boy they fuckin with me dumb and I done told him

So let's just step out on the block and pd-roll em

Load up the Uzis, turn the village to a warzone

Make the hit, break quick, leave your cars on

Nobody crosses me, especially in this dope game

So raise up off of me, I show em I don't joke, mayn

Little Mike, grab your piece, pick em out

There they are in the street, let's put some head out

Caught my breath, hit the fry, and I step calm

Open fire like a lunatic from Vietnam

Bullets fled to the head, bodies bled

Left for dead, I pumped these bitches full of led

Yo, they don't understand me, the yo, Brad, bwoy

Fuck that, say goodbye to the bad guy

I shot my gun in the air as I left the place

You'll ask me why, but I don't care, just call me Scarface

(Don't) (Don't) (Don't) (Don't) (Don't)

(Don't make me act a muthafuckin fool) --> Ice Cube

[ VERSE 3: Scarface ]

Later on, all alone, sat around the house kickin it

My girl came home, I told her shit had been

Real fucked up, so girl, don't push me

She pulled her skirt up, and said, "Here you need some pussy"

I just sat back, my legs started shakin

Now here's another stupid bitch that I be breakin

I grabbed the slimmy by her hand, and lead her upstairs

Threw her down on the bed, and she said, "Fuck, yeah!"

I opened up her legs, prepared her for the stabbin

Like Mike Tyson in the fourth, boy, I was jabbin

The bitch was sweatin, but I guess she wasn't bothered

Cause all she said was, "Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!"

I started bangin, I was bangin, dick was numbin

She wasn't hangin, she was singin, "Brad, I'm comin!"

Up and down, side to side, perfect timin

I started stickin with the quickness, we were grindin

I was just about to nut, she got on top of me

I heard a (*shot*) Now what the fuck? Somebody shot at me

I took a look, the girl was cooked, her head exploded

Reached for the Uzi at my foot, and I unloaded

Straight out the window I could hear the soldiers' footsteps

I'm a taker, not a faker, I ain't been took yet

So many hunters, dyin faces to the concrete

Although you try to take me out, you die in one beat

Of the heart, boy, how dare you try to sucker me?

And I'ma teach you and your boys not to fuck with me

Rolled out the backdoor, lookin for his bossman

I'll watch him bleedin, pour his blood in a saucepan

He's in his Cadillac, starin at my frontdoor

I snuck behind him, pulled my gun, said, "What you front for?"

He says, "I'm sorry, Act, don't kill me, I was jokin, griff"

That's why your boys are on my balcony and they're frozen stiff

The boy was shocked, then pulled up cops, he looked at me said, "You're a goner

Cause you shot and killed the boys who worked my corner"

Pulled back the hammer, put my gun up almost point blank

Shattered his dome, reached in the pocket, took the boy's bank

Got out the Cadillac, the copper, he said, "Stop it, freeze!"

I aim my pistol for his stomach, but I pop his knees

Fell to the floor, he looked at me and he said, "Action, please!"

I put my gun between his eyes, said, "Don't breathe"

He took a breath, and he knew he'd breathe his last breath

That's 20 soldiers and copper, 21 shot to death

I had to leave everything I'd ever worked for

But best believe, I won't get sentenced for a drug war

But maybe one day in the future I can come back

But until then, I'm goin home, where I'm from, black

Nobody knows my name, they'll only know my face

And ask my posse, they say, "We call him Scarface"

Hey Conjo, mayn, listen to me, mayn

Now that we got Texas fiendin, mayn

It's time to make the whole fuckin world start geekin

We expand across the whole muthafuckin world, mayn

And we get the dope out there, mayn

We fuck em up!

And you muthafuckas thought I wasn't gonna make a comeback, mayn

I'm gonna tell you somethin, mayn

I'm comin back, mayn

Geto Boys


And if you ain't down with the Geto program, then fuck you, mayn

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