GETO BOYS - Retaliation lyrics

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Suicide, it's a suicide...<br><br>[scarface]<br>Retaliation is a must<br>Leavin' opposition in the dust<br>In mob we trust, fuckin' with us gon' get your bust<br>It's a - suicide, it's a suicide<br>You will die, nigga, you will die<br>Just like your homeboy did<br>When we teed off on him<br>And since you want drama, we fend the weed off the corner<br>And when I ride<br>All these niggas better ride<br>So if you hoes got pride<br>Then bring your asses outside<br>And let me say your bad side<br>But don't you never let me see you sweat<br>I'm leaving motherfuckers silhouettes - wet<br>And you can take that as a treath<br>But i'ma make the promise<br>These nigga here is comin'<br>Sick enough to let to make a maggot vomit<br>With the intentions to retaliate<br>Illuminatin', then evacuate<br>Fuck the tear drops on the casket tops<br>Just open up with shots from the plastic glock<br>That leave your ass get got<br>It's all about gettin' even<br>Get them muthafuckas when you see 'em<br>Stop em from breathin<br><br>[007]<br>Retaliation<br>Look at all the heat that you're facing<br>15 niggas agg in your living room waiting<br>Passin out shit, bags<br>Click clacks - toe tags<br>We came and we kicked that ass<br>Who run this? double-o-seven<br>Out of 17 and guaranteed to get eleven<br>I guess you think you're safe<br>Sorry that you did it<br>Hoe, it's too late<br>Bitch, you shouldn'ta did it<br>One by one niggas get they ass done<br>Pussy make me laugh, nigga, money make me come<br>Nigga set for life<br>All on this in pay-per-view<br>? callin? shots make you call yo' whole fuckin' crew<br>We gotcha<br><br>[madd dogg]<br>I ain't playin with this one, pass the pistol<br>Warriors come out the play when we whistle<br>What's that sound? is that them - in the background? <br>I let the mac clown and shut this whole set down<br>Rap-a-lot mafia's murderous circle<br>We kill em done, go get your guns<br>None survive when I scream the die-die<br>It's the mister from the free time the dum-dum<br>Retaliation is a must<br>Who in the fuck gave you muthafuckas the nuts<br>To try to buck<br>Wanna bust? nigga what? !<br>It's dust to dust<br>Ashes to ashes, in the back is where the pistols pump<br>I lift em up, gives a fuck<br>I'm quick to bust<br>Hit 'em up, get 'em up<br>Once I send 'em up<br>Now ? ? ? get enough of my gangsta stuff<br>Retaliation is a muthafuckin' must<br><br>[k.b.]<br>I stumbled out the club ? ? ? ? <br>Drunk as fuck<br>And plus my visions is blurry<br>My face swoll' the fuck up<br>Clothes all muddy<br>It was buddy<br>From last week who I got into that argument<br>With - came back with his click<br>Muthafuckas in some deep shit<br>And so they asses got to pay<br>Make my way to a pay phone and hit j.<br>Hey, I just got jumped on<br>I'm over here at ? ? ? <br>It's the mob that ? ? to the brain to the gathor<br>A few minutes later<br>I saw the muthafuckin' hummer<br>Here comes big chief<br>Mac-11, ready to bomb a<br>Cock suckers<br>? ? ? niggas<br>Was gonna touch 'em<br>Muthafuck' the law<br>They ass went up, my nigga bust 'em<br>This is my biz<br>Kill 'em all<br>Don't leave no witness<br>Make you muthafuckas wishin' you wouldn'ta you done this<br>Handle your business<br>You violated my probation<br>Had to fry they ass like bacon<br>For fuckin' with me: retaliation!

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