GETO BOYS - Open Minded lyrics

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So what's up now nigga? (boom)


Trapped up inside another bad day

This fuckin' chronic got me demonic effecting me in a bad way

I'm on some motherfuckin' kill shit

I got hot flashes of me fuckin' you up nigga this some real shit

I'm on another level total

Forget decisions I'm full of vengence can't any nigga hold me

Cause onlyI can do what no one does it better

I decapitate niggas wearin' cashmere sweaters

(let us) get into some shit that niggas know about from

East to west to north to south no doubt

Every city got their niggas from they hoods

And some from my hood I'm a give one up to my hood

It's the m.p.l.s. yiggy yes y'allin'

Niggas heard me stomp from houston to saint balling

Callin' to the ring if you think you can step

And get your motherfuckin' shirt wet (nigga)


I got a million ways and one that you can die by

But I prefer to use my gun so you die by

The penetration of a hydroshock

And ain't no comin' back from your death when I come at you nigga by your


It's the return of the maniac

And I'm residing on the outskirts of life somebody bring me back

I'm goin' crazy in this motherfucka

I got my pistol out the dresser about to blaze one of these motherfuckers

I gives a fuck about your bad momma

Cause nigga all I need is a reason to wipe you out

I don't believe you wanna ride on it

Cause if you ride then you gon die I'll put the southside on it

This ain't no motherfuckin' gag bitch

Just a nigga about to show your ma dukes and it's some sad shit

Cause when I get down I put the shit down for my whole set

Put my feet down and leave you hoes wet

I brake these niggas off a proper dollar

I get the feeling that you wanting my shit so now I gots to stop ya

There ain't no love for my opposition

Cause they opposition I knock they monkey ass up out position

Willie d:

He wanted drama so I gave it to him

A blood puddle on his way to the ghetto is my rebutter

The box cutter has his ass beggin' for mercy g

I flipped that out and gave him open heart surgury

It ain't no thang to me to kill a motherfucker

I'll do that shit again if I can watch your mammy suffer

I've had enough of police I ain't scarred

The next time I see the boys in blue they gonna be the boys in red

Cause they gonna bleed yes in deed

Motherfuckers took my weed!

Give me your mind and I'm a open it

Name a law and I've already broken it

Cause I don't give a fuck about the system willie dennis

Couldn't give a fuck about the people livin' in it

I know a lot of niggas think that they can get with me

But don't you flush it down the toliet bring that shit to me

And get your ass tore up from the floor up

I got some shit that'll make your motherfuckers throw up

When I attack there's no rewindin'

I hit your ass in the brain with this thang and leave you open minded

Willie d talking:

And that ain't even the half. I laugh at the thought of a body bag. so all

You fools that got conflict. y'all can suck my motherfuckin' dick!

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