GETO BOYS - One Time Freestyle lyrics

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[ dj ready red ]<br>Yo, johny c and box, rock it freestyle, one time<br><br>[ verse 1: johny c ]<br>The beat is pumpin, party's jumpin, makes you shakin the ground<br>Suckers starin while I'm darin you to try to get down<br>I'm controllin and I'm rollin out on any mc<br>He's not happy, that's a smile full of jealousy<br>Cold crushin and I'm dustin, leavin suckers behind<br>I could never be took, cause what's mine is mine<br>And I'm just realizin, I'm only hypnotizin<br>Girlies are in trance, breakin in cold sweat<br>When I snap my fingers you shall all snap out of it<br>I'm elevated, the greatness I've created<br>And I wanna thank God I finally made it<br>My beat is uptown, no, I won't trade it<br>Makin big bucks and none's drug-related<br>My dj's ready red, and he could never be imitated<br>So push 'power' and you'll hear the grand wizard fade it<br><br>Yo box<br>[ verse 2: juxe box ]<br>The time has come that I serve and you observe<br>You wanna challenge competition, you lack the nerve<br>I'm your destruction and come prior to ya, you gotta accept<br>And I be makin cash money, you a demo cassette<br>With a killer-like motive and a four-wheel drive<br>Keep you punks lined up, everyone will survive<br>I know you steal from other rappers like a rat on the hunt<br>Therefore your rhyme is just ? ? ? , so yo, don't front<br>Juke box the undisputed power house on the scene<br>Representin 5th ward, not hollis, queens<br>But if you know we're from the country, crushin kamikazie<br>You ain't on my mission, break out, see I advise you<br>Break fool and terrorize everything in sight<br>And never scared to book em when you get uptight<br><br>[ verse 3: johny c ]<br>Now I'm the prince of rhyme, and all of you cry<br>And I'm inspired by the beat and all you suckers who try<br>To defeat the undefeated johny c has the mind<br>To destroy the wonderboy, and any of mankind<br>Cause I'm never caught slippin, performance is tipped and<br>Like a hoe your ride my jock, I might as well start pimpin<br>Lyrics of destruction, invincible song<br>Runnin from the prince of rap, though I'm king-kong<br>Cause I'm shakin the nation, tearin down every tank<br>Only once I lost a battle, then I broke the sucker neck<br>It was an mc named (toy) he was a dumb-ass (boy)<br>Disc jockey farted as he charged to defeat the mccoy<br>I'm a rhyming rap wizard, rhymes are like venom<br>Bite em, you'll die, and I just say to hell with him<br>Why should I care for you suckers out there<br>Shoot you down in every battle, you still scream unfair!<br>Time for a rumble in this concrete jungle<br>Whiz that take a quiz, shoot you down in one bundle<br>My rhymes are motivating, your body responds<br>With the center party people gettin funky for mine<br>I'm a rapper, I'm through with ya, posse (tug of war)<br>We're confiscating (and raiding) and still the boys are hardocre<br>Rrrah<br><br>[ verse 4: juke box ]<br>Juke box, the rhyme performer performin a rhyme<br>I'm like the sun, muthafucka, now watch me shine<br>Spread light across the land, cause I'm the man<br>The original party rocker of an uptown jam<br>You know my style will never fade, you punks get slayed<br>I'm intendin to rock, there's money to be made<br>The undisputed rap pro keepin you on the go<br>Purchase, go buy a ticket to see my show<br>Because I made a lot of cash, we took you fast<br>But now you're jockin the box and I don't need your dumb ass<br><br>One time<br><br>[ ready red ]<br>Yo johny c and box, man<br>I want y'all to just chill out, man<br>Gimme the mic, man<br>I'ma show you how y'all rock this thing one time, man<br>Y'all know how to rock a uptown jam<br>Let's me show you what's up here, man<br>You know what I'm sayin? <br>Grand wizard dj red in effect<br>Word, bust this<br><br>[ verse 5: dj ready red ]<br>My home is where I roam, turntable's my peace<br>And in creation is a masterpiece<br>Because my music's my mind, cuttin breaks with rhymes<br>Snappin fingers, clappin hands, shakin behinds<br>Tearin up the place with the beats galore<br>Within my own world, we're no amateurs<br>Because I stayed in my room till my knowledge improved<br>Got busy tryin to catch the groove<br>You know I cut and scratched till I get it right<br>So now I rock a party morning, noon and night<br>You know I be jammin with my musical skill<br>My hands are deadly on the wheels of steel<br>One time<br><br>Yeah<br>It's the geto boys in effect

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