GETO BOYS - Nothin' To Show lyrics

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I'll be damned if I'ma live without it

I'm penitentiary real until the day I die

I'll pull a fuckin heist.. snatch away your fuckin life

Shake the dice, sell rocks, flip bricks

Print up some motherfuckin counterfeit

It's too cold

When you made a big knot and your heartbeat stops

And they throw you in a box and you ain't got nothin to show

[Willie D]

They say the first law of nature, is self-preservation

Fuck a PlayStation, my bills don't vacation

Got a mac-11, holdin up a bankin center

If they follow my instructions, they might make it home for dinner

Cake-ass nigga in the club, bottle poppin

.. make me wanna pop him, heh

He bought a drink, flashed his knot, now he dearly departed

Broke as I was, that nigga had to be retarded

Stung him in the cabbage with that semi-automatic

Jacked his chain and his watch, and rifled through his {?}

I'll kill ya dead, rich or po', grown or a youngster

I ain't Cody Scott, but I can be a +Monster+

Call me a sinner, but know what's funny?

So is the dude that you give your money to on Sundays

Like my grandmother, she paid her tithe, sold her place and picked up folks

for the church and died broke, with nothin to show


[Willie D]

You can talk that hot shit if you want to

But it don't tell me what you won't do

When you're down on your luck and nobody gives a fuck

Bill collectors on your heels and they repo'n your wheels

I done had money, been broke and had it again

Anythang I do twice, I can do it again

Look how many niggaz who done sold drugs all this time

That's doin a bunch of years are back in the hood and ain't got a dime

Ain't no excuse for it, go on be a man and admit it

That come from cappin, buyin cars and trickin bitches

I ain't tryin to knock your hustle homey, that ain't cool

But get your money, clean it up, and get the fuck on fool

Cause your friends just wanna stunt and these hoes just want your bread

And the fed is gonna hunt and these niggaz'll blow your head

behind beef, or a fake say, dude knew your face

So you murdered him, but ain't got nothin to show


[Willie D]

I'll be God damned if I'ma be that old nigga that live

60 plus years and leave nothin but bills

"Mind Playin Tricks" still playin on the box

And I'm sittin on the porch in sweats and some mismatched dress socks

Yeah right! Before I go out like a busta

I get all my fuckin guns and kill ALL you motherfuckers

I ain't gon' be that cat that's broke so he blows his brain

I'ma be the one to kill the armored truck driver if anythang

Fuck the fame I want the dough cause when times get drastic

You cain't take a fuckin ego to the bank and cash it

I'm not impressed with your big house and expensive whip

If you can't pay cash you can't afford the shit

They say heaven got what I'm needin, but just in case it don't exist

I'm gettin my flowers while I'm breathin

But ain't gon' be like Sammy Davis and Redd Foxx

When Willie D check up out this bitch he goin out on top


I told you, I was gon' give you somethin to think about

Shit, even if I fuck off all the money I made

Nigga I'ma still God damn be paid at the end

Cause guess what? Got that life insurance policy, hahaha

Shit that motherfucker there's, better than playin the lottery

You guaranteed to hit

Babies they can come up like instant millionaires

I tell you right now my baby's an instant millionaire

Nigga you understand what I'm sayin?

Some of y'all sucka busta ass nigga

Y'all don't understand that kind of shit

Y'all like, worry about the bitch

Spendin the money on this nigga and that nigga and all this shit

Nigga drivin your car, livin in your house

Stop marryin these motherfuckin hoes! You won't have that problem

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