GETO BOYS - No Nuts No Glory lyrics

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-big mike how you livin

Big mike

I've been sellin out the same dope house since the age of 16

Shufflin crack like cardsto these burnt out dope fiends

Sellin rock after motherfuckin rock

Seeing cop after motherfuckin cop on the block

Changing face after motherfuckin face

Watchin niggas catch dope case after dope case

Add it up and you'll find more niggas doing time in the pen

Cause he wouldn't snitch on his fuckin friend

And that same motherfucker that didn't go to jail

Couldn't come to pay his homey for his bail

But that's the way niggas do you

Caught a case for another nigga and he sware he never knew ya

12 months in the county you done got out and found out

That your homey runs his own dope house

And he done gave you shit

Not even a funky ass ounce so get on and beat that sheisty bitch

And he still calls you family

But I be damned if I be kinto a nigga who ain't payin me

Cause I ain't with that hoe shit

So if you thinkin bout fuckin menigga you better try some more shit

Cause I done paid my dues and like a fool in the process

Watchin other niggas progress

On the motherfuckin shit I did

But in the 90s'it's payback and we ain't takin no shorts kid

Cause life is a bitch

And I ain't that nigga to be brokewhile makin another motherfucker rich

Wise up niggaget with the program

Cause in this dirty gameyou gots to wash your own hands

And I got a tech 9

Ready to take mine and what's for me hoe

Yeahno nuts no glory

Big mike:

Now I done heard a nigga callin me the biggest bitch in texas

Cause I'm bumming a ridewhen I should be drivin lexus

But you knowI gives a fuck about what nigga say

I handle mineby handlin shit my own way

I let niggas thinks it's cool

To fuck a nigga like mebut they don't know who they psychin fools

See I stay lo-key

Lettin a nigga think he know mebut he really don't know me g

Claiming that we friends

My little girl is ridin the bushis little girl is drivin a fuckin benz

Whose your friends?

Ask yourself that shit

The only friend I gotis my fuckin pistol grip

Filthy rich I know you love it

I done made your ass fat

And you still talkin bout 25 off a hundred

Be real that shit went out in 86

I'm down with the geto boys but my mind ain't playin tricks bitch

You still refuse to give me mine cool

Nigga be that way and I'm gone handle my business fool

Just like my nigga snoop dogg told me

You gotta be down for your shitwhy you can homey

Cause you's about to get your ass lit up

Because the fuckin ain't proper and I ain't the nigga that's catchin the


Payback is a motherfucker

Payback is a bitch

But payback is a must when I ain't the nigga that's gettin rich

Cause life ain't but one big change

And unlike these other motherfuckers

I ain't afraid to touch yo bitch ass

Cause if you believe in fuckin niggasyou's a hoe

And the peter man can't tolerate hoes so you gots to go

Mr. big manmr. big nut

Got everybody thinkin you the shit

But really I'm the motherfuckin one

Now I'm about to grab my shit off the self

And go on a missionone nigga gettin bad by his damnself

So keep on thinkin you fuckin me

But while you thinkinI'll be pullin yo fuckin number g

Cause I'm a nigga with no heart and no worry

Gettin down for mine's bitch

No nuts no glory

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