GETO BOYS - My Malt's Playin' Tricks On Me lyrics

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I sit alone in my four cornered room eatin' the wind dinner

Ha ha, chill out man

We're doin' the St. Ides Commercial


Yeah, St. Ides, check it out

Pick up a brew, read the sticker

And make sure it says St. Ides Malt Liquor

Cause if it don't

You ain't gettin' what you're payin' for

St. Ides is the team I'm playin' for

But remember there's limit thru

Don't get too full or sure you'll be finished dude

Scarface, you can say that boy

Cause I'm drinkin' the St. Ides and Willie D is gettin' bull

Of the bear, let's empty the place

Why is that?

Cause I like that smooth taste

St. Ides the Don

When it comes to fun it's number one

Like yo, get you some

I got mine, watch me rushin'

St. Ides brew, the crooked I gets me bustin'

Four-Double-O-Z and I'm straight

Cause that's all Bushwick get tolerate

St. Ides always run up on you

If you're drinkin' somethin' else

Your mind is playin' tricks on you

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