GETO BOYS - Murder After Midnight lyrics

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Big Mike]

Niggaz busting caps on a sunday

I`m riding through the park with my white six bloody

Thinking 2 myself/What the fuck is this?

I grab my motherfuckin shit/Load the clip and then I get

The extra hallow points out the box in the backseat

I can`t believe these motherfuckers tried 2 X me

Once again i`m in the middle of some fuck shit

I busted a window

A dead nigger they left me stuck with

I grabbed my cellular phone and called my nigger Face

Had 2 beep him - 911 he wasn`t in his place

The phone rang I picked it up I heard what`s up Black?

"Some hoe ass niggaz bust a cap and shot my nigga Matt

They killed my nigga now them hoes are after me

Just dump the body and meet me over at the draft "G"

7 o`clock i dumped the body now i`m changing cars

Getting up with Face it`s time to take them hoes 2 war

Called up Billy 2 meet us on the south west

Bring a bag of buddha sinse and an xtra vest

And 2 fit the (?)VNG 2 get this shit right

Cause there`s about 2 be a murder after midnight

Say What???...


3 or 4 minutes 2 twelve o`clock, rolling in an undercover hunting 4 an


Let`s hit the spot and find them hoes that tried 2 cap ya

Were they Killers yeah, or were they tried 2 jack ya?

It`s hard 2 tell we lost our boy behind this punk shit

And when we catch him we`re gonna chuck him in the trunk (?) Swick

I give`s a fuck about the sorry motherfucker

He crossed the family daddy`s now I`m a make the nigga suffer

I`m rolling hard got my daddy`s Smith & Wesson

6 shots nigga played the 357

So keep your eyes peeled Nigga we got 2 find them

We got some barrels protecting us

But keep a low pro cause they`ll be expecting us

We spotted a "Z" off at Quarter Lane I`m killing the bitch

I don`t know the man

Creeped up slow dropped the back window - yeah now what`s up hoe?

Let off a couple of shots but he had posse

The nigga came out the door and like just shot me

It didn`t hit me cause i duck down

We jumped our ass out the car and turned that bitch into (?) Book Town

I bring my gats 2 a fist fight and bust a cap in the bitch and it ain`t


be at midnight.

[Bushwick Bill]

Eleven forty five I pull up on the set

With some down ass niggaz and a van full of gats

Jumped out fired up my philly had 2 bust some shots

Had 2 let them know Bushwick Bill is on the fucking block

Niggaz start hauling as i heard Big MiKe calling

Jumped in the van slammed the door and started hauling

Ass around the corner catch the nigga who would ran

Oki jumped out and went 2 bust him once again- UH

Making niggaz take cover fast cause we was putting something on they

motherfuckin ass

Yeah, nine millimeter shells, twelve gauge pumps and shit

So nigga don`t bother running for your trunk and shit

1-2-3-4 shots from the infra-red left 1-2-3-4 motherfuckers dead

And no witnesses in sight - All Bido said is that it happened after


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