GETO BOYS - Life In The Fast Lane lyrics

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Life in the fast lane, no time for the slow

Some people slang 'caine, thinkin the money'll flow

But brothers gangbang, robbin people for dough

Get out the chain gang, or your freedom'll go

Stand on the sidewalks, with a fistful of crack

Watchin the guys talk, your boys watch your back

This game is dangerous, you're livin in fear

You pack a 9 for insurance to give the geekers a scare

He needs a 20, sell him a 10 and a half

And he'll be fiendin and dreamin you'll take his 20 and laugh

Continue slangin, makin all you can make

You hear a

Hop in the Beemer, and roll up the glass

You put your car in reverse to make your getaway fast

Now they're suspicious - how could he be clean?

He packs a beeper, drives a Beemer, and he's only 19

Yo let's harass him, to see what he's got

What started off as a game ended the lives of 2 cops

Life in the fast lane

Another hot spot, you screech to a halt

Yo look what I've got, then reach for the wall

They find the product, and the cops'll say OHHHHHHH~!

They'll put your butt in the bump

Roll to the station, yo captain whassup?

I caught this brother on the cut, we gotta lock this boy up

Straight to the jail cell, no 9 or a clip

And the ones you triple-crossed'll want revenge so get hip

Out in an hour, on your way to the pad

A copper starts to trail you, now you're sweatin bad

Turn on his flashers, you stop Tommy Tucker

He stuck his head in the window so you shot him like a sucker

Fell to the pavement, blood pourin on the cement

There's witnesses standin by and you knew that he seen it

Back on the run again, and the boys on your block

Was blabbin all to the cops about the people you shot

Did you get nervous, well why continue your route?

When you know that normal folks don't chill with blood on their suits

Took off his jacket, flung to the back

Grabbin a pull from the pack, I gotta break I get back

Right to his rock spot, before the brother got shot

He tried to sell 2 ki's to Tony that was filled full of sheet rock

Bumped off~! They ain't let him slide

Now his family's tryin to figure out the reason he died

... But that's the name of the game

Way he died was a shame, pushin 'caine

... Life in the fast lane

I remember fast times, sellin dope was my pasttime

Life in the fast lane, while countin cash I'd

Sit back and wonder, what would become of me

The fiends would see the Beemer comin, and then they'd run to me

Step out the vehicle, yo what you need Joe?

I need a 20 and a nickel bag of weed bro

Make the sale then I'd bail out

Now it's time to get the hell out

Every day was the same thing, dopefiends named me

Big Crack Ak cause I sold 'caine mainly

Out of the big I had the biggest

Rocks on the block, so check it out yo money dig this

It was the purest in the rock form, the only way I sell it

No cuts, uh-uh, no B-12 to swell it

I got lucky made it out of the game

... Life in the fast lane

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