GETO BOYS - Let a Ho Be a Ho lyrics

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There seems to be alot of mothe fuckers blind to the fact

That a ho is gonna be just that

And this type of ignorance is the very

Reason why so many niggas in the goddamned cemetary

Inteligence is on call

You don't treat a ho like a queen who behaves lika a dog

Are you the type who wont put a ho in front of a trigger

Then you're a ho assed nigga

Goddamned hound

Pound for pound

You knew the ho when she was fucking the whole town

She fucked you and gave your buddies a blow

But your trick ass fell in love with the ho

Tried to change her make her be an angel

You keep putting your damn life in danger

Fronting niggas about that slutty ass trifling crow

You gotta let e ho be a ho

Shes a hod how the fuck you know

Every time I see the ho she's with a new negro

Shes the type of ho thats bound

To wear shorts up her ass when your friends come around

Shes the kinda ho thatll make you cry

The kinda ho you have to call before you come by

So why do you wanna kill when she says no more

You ain't the first to be dumped by a goddamned whore

Crazy mother fuckers fighting over hoes

Stealing for their asses and jumping out of windows

If a ho wants out I let her sinky ass go

Cos ima let a ho be a ho

I fucked that ho before you even knew her

Made her pussy go brrrrr when I stuck my dick to her

I knew she was a ho the first time I met her

So I got another ho and took them to the other level of the game

Got them high as a kite

And fucked both of those hoes that goddamned night

Then I sat back and relaxed

As they 69ed and ate each others cats

I dropped tham off at home

God damn look at this shit my wallets gone

The hoes beat me but I left it alone

And used that shit as a stepping stone

I played it off the next time I saw the hoe

I just laughed and fucked her ass some more

Shelicked my ass and sucked my balls

And if I see her right now I can get some more

You gotta let a ho be a ho

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