GETO BOYS - Leanin' On You lyrics

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[R&B sample]

If, you move, I'll fall

I'm leanin on you, you baby, you baby

[Willie D: speaking over sample]

Geto Boys

Willie D

We was livin on cold facts, cops sat in old 'Llacs

Couldn't get along with T Jones, so he rolled jack

I was on Prozac before I was 12

Spent my senior year in high school, sittin in jail

To no avail, I WAS SCREAMIN OUT and nobody heard me

Messed around and got shot, but it didn't deter me

I think I was 14, so my boy was one-trey

Cut my hair one day, left my crib and got sprayed

And expired right away, nuttin to say, sad chapter

Around here, either you get killed or you get captured

Sister girl, I ain't know what you was dealin wit

Pointed the finger at you, now I'm feelin like an idiot

But I'm wiser now, and I seen the world

It's messed up, how they treat us Geto Boys and girls

The doctors tried to resucessitate, it was too late

I got a daughter named Kain and a son named Blank

And they be askin 'bout you, all the time

I try to be a better man, sometimes I fall behind

So if you feel some extra weight on you, don't be alarmed

Don't move, don't flee, that's me - leanin on you

[R&B sample]

I'm leanin on you

[Bushwick Bill]

Y'all wonder why I act crazy, life don't phase me

For me to still be above ground it's just amazing

Wasn't aware bein different gave me intangible wealth

That's why I, took a gun and tried to kill myself

My folks got the blame of course, I used to ask

why did God make my brother so tall and me a dwarf?

This ain't no "poor little me song," that's so phony

I got a good life, I'm just sharin my testimony

But could you imagine bein me, for one hour, one day

One week, one month, one year? Get out of here!

You'd never make it, life's not fair

Everywhere you go, people point, people laugh, people stare

They don't care, so I don't care, most of the day

I feel awkward but I believe I'm goin to hell if I don't pray

As I laid, on that hospital gurney, fightin for my life

I felt the demons touch my body then I saw the light

That was you, I know it was you

Cause all the love in the world from my family couldn't pull me through

Lord, when it gets really rough

You're the only one that's strong enough to hold me up

That's why I lean on you

[R&B sample]

I'm leanin on you


You're my one and only friend, ever since I was a kid

We've been in and out through thick and thin, tryin to get a win

Broke as fuck on the corners like a nigga had diplomas

Back in 1985, skippin class, gettin high

Fat Turner we were walkin, I remember you was talkin

'bout this lick we was supposed to hit and turn us all to bosses

So we took that trip to Austin, and we came back with this package

that would later turn this strongest friendship into us scrappin

Ain't too sure about what happened, all I'm knowin is it was money

Had a nigga wagin war against who I thought was the homey

Shoulda known this shit was evil, by the way it did my peoples

And the whole entire neighborhood fucked up behind this needle

Now we roam in the Regal, windows tinted, dem bangin

Pistol grip on the frontseat, smokin and steady drankin

Drunk and I'm steady thankin we probably shouldn't left it

Cause every time that a nigga drops a record you arrested

It's depressin, but life and it's lessons'll leave us guessin

Gettin out, was a blessin, but lately a nigga stressin

Which leads me to this question, was money the only reason we feuded

Cause now that we got it, homey let's keep it movin, let's move

[R&B sample]

I'm leanin on you

[R&B sample]

I'm leanin on you

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