GETO BOYS - I Run This lyrics

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Just put a mic in my hand, I'm comin up with a jam

Conduct a b-boy orchestra, the hip-hop band

So before you start

Johnny C

Hit it

The Grand Dragon of Rhyme here to blow your mind

Cause I'm a rhythm (fanatic) and I'm one of a kind

Superiority rules cause the king's supreme

I'm cold chillin cause I'm def on the hip-hop scene

My jurisdiction is mine and sucker boys will chill

I'm the latest and the greatest, you know the deal

Juke Box, homeboy, the head of the list

Terminatin all suckers cause I run this

Hit it

It's bein run by me, the Prince of all MC's

Wearin gold cause I'm bold with the rappin disease

Terrorize sucker rappers with these rhymes I wrote

Superior damage unleashed by the case I told

I'm feelin lyrics to display the funky rhymes I say

Opponents better be around when I claim my day

Although my rhyme's complete would you forgive my conceit

And only practice

Yo, before I start breakin let me stake my place

Holder of a high position, lord of all this bass

Rippin suckers like paper cause they're just that soft

Since I'm killin all rejectin competition (step off)

Supreme rapper with the talent, musical ballad

Microphone occupier, the head of the list

You might not be a sucker but I run this

Hit it

I put fear in your heart with the words I say

Drop suckers by three each and every day

This ain't my callin by law they say

I don't take no shorts, they got to pay

If you swing at me, sucker, don't you miss

You might not be a sucker but I run this

Hit it

Ready Red, break it down

(Tear the roof off)

See we're known from 5th Ward in this world today

In the ghetto of course, but I know my way

I started at the bottom, on the way to the top

Don't allow no cops standin on my block

To all you police who try to diss

You just might be the law but I run this

Hit it

The instrument the turntables used for his benefit

You wanna be like Red, that's why your DJ bit

The cut's created by the master of disaster and me

I'm l-I-v-e, def as could be

You could see my competition, it'll shock you blind

Johnny C the Prince of Rap, lord of all that's writt'

Accompanied by no sucker cause I run this

Hit it

Say yo, baby doll, hear what you say

That you work real hard each and every day

And all I do is sit around

And make you slave like a dumb-ass clown

You buy my clothes, supply the food

But you're the girl and I'm the dude

You take care of me and that is it

You might be my girl but I run this

Hit it

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