GETO BOYS - I Don't Fuck With You lyrics

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[willie d]

Flip flop ass niggas

Ah yeah

Geto boys and outlawz

Recognize the mob nigga

I don't fuck with you

So put your hands on me


Yeah best said by homeboy willie d

Triple cross to mexico

[willie d]

I don't fuck with you


That's some smooth hidin'

Lowdown dirty motherfuckers

That you thought was cool

Do you know me

[willie d]

I don't fuck with you


I know what's happenin' with that

All the hoes

Let me take y'all niggas back to this incident

Verse 1:

[gotti of fifth ward circle (fwc)]

Nigga you full of shit

Bitch now what is thistrick

Some new shit

Straight from yo hottub piss

Nigga I don't do it

Fuck around here with you

OhI smell pukedo

That's on youtrue

You hit's 'em hard dog

And ho went hardthought

You betray hardlord

You straight fraudbrought


Now on meansthings stay out my face

You oughta playlike outta space

This niggas foulrunnin' off at the mouth

He talkin' loudall of infront the crowd

[willie d]

DogI knew this niggawhat

We used to rollroll

I saved his liferight

But he was shot attrife

He burned his greeddeep

I spit his wigshit

He met the gravedigger

Cause I'm the realest nigga


[dmg of facemob]

You niggas came here ridin' through

(I don't fuck with you)

Heard the lavish thing we do

(I don't fuck with you)

Shook a finger to my crew

(we don't fuck with you)

For suck a dick until you blew

Cause we don't fuck with you

Hey bitchyou like the things we do

(I don't fuck with you)

Scared if I hit youyou might sue

(I don't fuck with you)

You swear you gang can bang a new

(I don't fuck with you)

But best keep doin' the shit we do

Cause we don't fuck with you

Verse 2:

[e.d.i of the outlawz]

Now everytime is see you ass

I see the bitch in your eyes

And what a lie

Ain't no surprise

Now you fuck with that sign

It's a cold thing

You got the game fuck up

Brown nose and every other nigga rich

Like a broke bitch

Excuse me missyeah you

You need to sit with me piss

I'ma get rich

While you stuck in that fuck shit

Thug shit is what claim and bang

And never change

While you change

Suckin' and fuckin' for everyday

Verse 3:

[napolean of the outlawz]

YeahI see some niggas come and go

With a fifth of hennesy to show

When we toss hoeswe share hoes

And niggas be frontin where the clothes go

(? )

What you spinnin' like young po

You hang around with the studio time

But niggawhat the fuck is you here fo'

Can you listenplease

So you got your glocklaid squeeze

Try like I could fuck with you

Or I have to bomb on you

Put it with your punk-ass

No heartno lightno bitch and no care

You some bad boy killers

When we see y'all niggas snatch cash


Verse 4:

[young noble of the outlawz]

These billy-teen-ass niggas

Pullin'-scheme-ass niggas

Fiend-ass niggas

Shootin'-dream-ass niggas

I meanwhy anybody sound like pac nowadays

But switch it upbe on way

Y'all gay-assed on anything

Stay tuned to the saga

Drama bring karmakarma bring charges

Whipin' y'all

Completely all the job did

Darknessfuck y'all shit

Cause we the hardest

Nasty new street regardless

So ease out you nuggetsfaget

Verse 5:

[kastro of the outlawz]

Beg downI truck a young bug

Don't get it fucked up

Hit the stripget a grip nigga

And blow some shit up

Talk fast and all assnigga

You ain't got no nuts

Don't trick yourself out your life

You need to hide in the cup

What's up

Come on holla at your boyreal quick

I swallow hard times

And make it come out when I piss

Nigga pop pass the mack and I ain't black

Picture that

The same nigga that'll die for you

When you fall get your back

It's medrunk as can be

In your bitch ass

Singin' ? stagalee?

Worry free on your bitch ass

Blast backask that

Snap back like some whiplash

Young cash is black packed

Slap your rap with a big guess


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