GETO BOYS - G.E.T.O. lyrics

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"Killa you're face to face with Scarface"-Scarface

G to the E to the T.O.


Now here it comes (boom) motherfuckers die hard till the end

Mr. Scarface not your ordinary dope man

On the for reala my nigga I'm a born killa

Let my nuts hangin' out give a FUCK if ya bigger

Cause I'm that nigga who gets ass rollin' ten deep

And shove this shoe up in your shit far as ten feet

Creep by creep cause I'm in this shit deep

Never ever caught slippinn' bitch cause I don't sleep

And if I sleep the kid gets beat and that's bullshit

Cause I'm still a lunatic

Body snatcher peter roll capture

Killer comin' at cha niggero subtracter

Small time dope game plenty heart though

Good girl go bad I'm high off a motherfucker!

I read my diary mind play tricks

And travelled the world with a nigga named Bushwick

Lost a memeber back in December

Nigga gets respect from Boston to Denver

Compton, Jersey, Philly, Brooklyn, Oakland, Dallas, Houston look man

It ain't a god damn thing being took

From the bad boys of Houston so go ahead and dial a crook

And watch some niggas spit the game cool

Ran back and brace yourself nigga cause here it comes fool


"Here it comes fool"

"P.E.T.E.R.M.A.N. aint' no hoe ass motherfuckers"

Big Mike:

Bang bang bang motherfuckers lay it down

Prat tat tat the peterman is in the house and I'm about to spray it down

Lettin' niggas hand fit my gat I gots to grab it

Smokin' motherfuckers is a habit

I'm on a mission opposion get tore up from the floor up

Kickin' the type of gangsta shit that make ya throw up

G plus E plus T plus O

Geto Boys run shit in '93 but you don't here me do'

Huh brakin' niggas off who bother to

Fuck around with techs thinkin' we ain't nothin' but barber cute

So fool get your ass on

Before the peterman in the house gettin' his blast on

Sendin' niggas smooth to the concrete

Makin' mo motherfuckin' deal then a swap meet

The C.O.N.V.I.C.T.S. is hittin' niggas where it hurt

Kickin' up dirt down in Texas so here it comes fool


"Any motherfucker wanna get with Bushwick, bring it on motherfucker"

Bushwick Bill:

Well what do you know it's that nigga named Bushwick

Back again still droppin' the B's on a punk bitch

Kickin' that G shit ever so clear

5th Ward steady comin' hard every fuckin' year

I went from coppin' the cash a couple of months ago

But niggas call me crazy cause I'm known to smoke a hoe

Smoke a hoe smoke a hoe smoke two smoke a few

Got my motherfuckin' crew now what you wanna do?

B.U.S.H.W.I.C.K. blowin' niggas away

Doin' this type of shit every motherfuckin' day

Never waste another niggas time

Got my nine gettin' paid kickin' these motherfuckin' dope rhymes

So if it comes down to it I might gat cha

Dead in that motherfuckin' dump give that ass a fracture

Cause I ain't that nigga you wanna fuck with

Bushwick Bill the nigga named Chuckwick

So here it comes fool

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