GETO BOYS - Geto Fantasy lyrics

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I used to watch t.v and see the superstars

Three story mansions and fancy cars

Now picture that a geto boy walking that life g

Coming up in a house full of negativity

Everybody drinking everybody smoking

Everybody cussin' and fussin' like hell I'm hopin'

That I can raise up outta this mess

I'm too damn young to be distressed and oh yes

I went and got what I thought was mine

Did the crime the time and a mother fucker didn't whine

But fuck that shit the jailhouse ain't for me

I got places to go and people to see

Wanna make millions and live to see my grandchildren

That's the mother fucking dream that I'm building

Anybody ain't with that can step the fuck back

It's 41 for the poor one never cries

I used to dream about getting that cash

And buy my mamma a crib and I did before she passed

The good life has no equivalent

It ain't a fantasy no more because I'm living it

(chorus x 2)

Geto fantasies

I don't live here any more

Oh no no no geto fantasy

He said he'd open opportunities

But to me ain't no open opportunities

So shut your mickey d's down in my communities

Cos it ain't helping feed me or my family

And that's the reala

And you can give a twelve gauge to a nigga

Ain't got scrilla

And now you got a born killer

Cap peela

And while you build your penitentiaries for my children

I plant seeds for my children

So when they cross these roads you'll be prepared

And never show no respect to these hoes that never cared for

Plus they only come around to the black folks

When they run they campaign and they lack votes

Once you vote em in they don't know

Once you vote em in they can't do jack for you

I guess it's true when they tell me you don't fight fair

You turn my ghetto into a seething messy nightmare

(chorus x 2)

Geto days keep ghetto thoughts relevant

But geto ways make murder imprevalent

You feel me?

I been through many geto episodes all the same

When will niggas learn to use they mind and maintain

See you're always on the defense

Relying on your street sense

I told you once to use them sense to make dollars

Bot to make a mother holler

That hard shit's kind a hard to swallow

Tomorrow there'll be more killings in the hood

From child abuse to drug dealings it ain't good

They want to see us stuck

Shit out of luck

Can't nobody ever say I didn't try to give a fuck

Cos I did and I do

The rest is up to you

No matter what you do to your hood stay true

And you'll make it

Can't nobody take it

Geto fantasies become realities if you don't let em shake it

(chorus x 5)

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