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Gangster of love<br><br>I've never been played by a ho!<br>If the bitch is acting stupid,<br>She's got to go!<br>Some mutherfuckers [missadden']<br>If she fucks with me, i'ma kick her little monkey ass!<br>See you hoes got it wrong!<br>Think that if some nigga says he loves you he ain't strong.<br>Bitch you take the shit the wrong way.<br>And I can tell right now. it's gonna be a long day!<br>I got to educate you brothas<br>If the bitch won't give up the play<br>Fuck her!<br>Move along to the next trick.<br>See I'm the type a nigga that tell a ho<br>Suck dick!<br>What if she's not suckin'<br>That's a waste of time<br>Conversation and my fuckin'<br>I just put my fuckin pants on<br>And tell the idiotic freak<br>To take her tramp ass home!<br><br>Cause I don't need a fuckin dumbie!<br>I need a bitch to lick nuts<br>Until my dick is cummy<br>And after that your wearin your gloves<br>Ha ha... just call me the gangster of love.<br><br>I like bitches<br>All kind of bitches,<br><br>To take off my shirt<br>And pull down my britches<br>If she's got big tities<br>I squeeze 'em and hold'em<br>While she suck my dick and lick my scrotum<br>And if she got a friend I'll fuck her too<br>Together we can play a game of swi-cha-ru<br>I ain't the type who gets all mushy<br>I like to sit back<br>And watch them eat each other's pussy!<br>Weak people might say we're insane<br>But that's the other fuckin' level of the game<br>I'll turn your sister out if she fucks with me<br>You want to know my identity? ? ? <br><br>Bitches look at me like I'm a faker<br>Knowing goddamn well<br>I'm a mutherfuckin heartbreaker!<br>I'll have them crying for months<br>Cause I done fucked their best friends<br>And put a whipping on their cunt<br>They have their mothers to call<br>But if fucked one mom<br>You done fucked them all<br>And I really don't give a fuck<br>Cause if your mom offers me the pussy<br>She's stuck<br>Now thats the type a nigga I am<br>Im always game to run a train<br>Goddamn!<br>Six different hoes a night<br>I use lubricated rubbers<br>To make the pussy feel right<br>Better safe than be a vicitm<br>If you got a jimmy hat<br>Go head and dick em<br>I put the pussy in it's place<br>And right before I nut<br>I pull it out then to the face<br>And tell the bitch to keep suckin<br>And prepare herself for her first butt fuckin<br>And when I'm done--straight to the tub<br>Just call me the gangster of love.<br><br>I'm a mutherfucker<br>I put a bitch through a test.<br>If she don't pass, she don't get blessed!<br>If the test consist of<br>Fuckin my whole crew<br>Well bitch, goddamnit that's what you gotta do.<br>You say you want to be down with willie-d<br>But yet you find it difficult to listen to me<br>Everytime you fuck up and skip a class<br>I'ma put my goddamn foot in your ass<br>And if your father wants to buck up<br>I'll beat the wrinkles out the old mutherfucker<br>I treat a bitch like a queen,<br>But she's got to realize I'm the goddamn king<br>Some jealous punk in town<br>Told my girl I was fucking around and she's still down.<br>To do the same<br>You've got to have game<br>You want to know my name? ? ? <br><br>[side]<br>Say b<br>You what's up dee<br>All the hoes mad 'cause we ain't paying for the pussy fighting over their asses<br>And shit! yup that's that other level of the game again.<br>Damn straight!<br>While we on the subject of hoes, whatever happened to the hoe you used to fuck<br>With<br>Named cathy? ? ? <br><br>[song again...]<br>Ok cathy<br>That hoe was hot.<br>The first peace of pussy that I ever got!<br>She fucked me till I was coming<br>Put my nuts in her mouth<br>And started humming<br>I said shit comense the checking<br>She started scratching my dill-bag<br>And said hold up a second.<br>Turned me over on my back gold.<br>Opened up my butt cheecks<br>And started licking out my asshole<br>That's why I guess that I'm the gangster<br>And oh kathleen johnson sweetheart<br>I'd like to thank you<br>Little hoes out there are getting stuck,<br>By niggas like me and we really don't give a fuck!<br>Big-ass titties are the sexy switch<br>Whatever you get, you deserved it bitch!<br><br>See ummm,<br>I like to take'em fast.<br>Pretend I lovem<br>And dog their motherfuckin ass.<br>Like for instance ms. p<br>The bitch ran a game<br>And tried to fuck over me<br>But I sensed it in the making<br>Talking about she's pregnant<br>From me or that jamaican? ? ? <br>She said me of course<br>So I drug her little ass<br>Like a mutherfuckin horse.<br>That's what you get for tryna play me<br>I'll kick the bitch<br>Right dead in the ass<br>If she ever says we<br>Made a kid when I make it<br>I'll grab her vile her mutherfuckin' neck<br>And try to break it!<br>Cause I knew I wore a fucking glove<br>You know who you fuckin with bitch? ? ?

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