GETO BOYS - G. E. T. O. lyrics

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Killa you're face to face with scarface-scarface<br>G to the e to the t.o.<br><br>Scarface:<br>Now here it comes (boom) motherfuckers die hard till the end<br>Mr. scarface not your ordinary dope man<br>On the for reala my nigga I'm a born killa<br>Let my nuts hangin' out give a fuck if ya bigger<br>Cause I'm that nigga who gets ass rollin' ten deep<br>And shove this shoe up in your shit far as ten feet<br>Creep by creep cause I'm in this shit deep<br>Never ever caught slippinn' bitch cause I don't sleep<br>And if I sleep the kid gets beat and that's bullshit<br>Cause I'm still a lunatic<br>Body snatcher peter roll capture<br>Killer comin' at cha niggero subtracter<br>Small time dope game plenty heart though<br>Good girl go bad I'm high off a motherfucker!<br>I read my diary mind play tricks<br>And travelled the world with a nigga named bushwick<br>Lost a memeber back in december<br>Nigga gets respect from boston to denver<br>Compton, jersey, philly, brooklyn, oakland, dallas, houston look man<br>It ain't a God damn thing being took<br>From the bad boys of houston so go ahead and dial a crook<br>And watch some niggas spit the game cool<br>Ran back and brace yourself nigga cause here it comes fool<br><br>Hook:<br>Here it comes fool<br><br>P.e.t.e.r.m.a.n. aint' no hoe ass motherfuckers<br><br>Big mike:<br>Bang bang bang motherfuckers lay it down<br>Prat tat tat the peterman is in the house and I'm about to spray it down<br>Lettin' niggas hand fit my gat I gots to grab it<br>Smokin' motherfuckers is a habit<br>I'm on a mission opposion get tore up from the floor up<br>Kickin' the type of gangsta shit that make ya throw up<br>G plus e plus t plus o<br>Geto boys run shit in '93 but you don't here me do'<br>Huh brakin' niggas off who bother to<br>Fuck around with techs thinkin' we ain't nothin' but barber cute<br>So fool get your ass on<br>Before the peterman in the house gettin' his blast on<br>Sendin' niggas smooth to the concrete<br>Makin' mo motherfuckin' deal then a swap meet<br>The c.o.n.v.i.c.t.s. is hittin' niggas where it hurt<br>Kickin' up dirt down in texas so here it comes fool<br><br>Hook<br><br>Any motherfucker wanna get with bushwick, bring it on motherfucker<br><br>Bushwick bill:<br>Well what do you know it's that nigga named bushwick<br>Back again still droppin' the b's on a punk bitch<br>Kickin' that g shit ever so clear<br>5th ward steady comin' hard every fuckin' year<br>I went from coppin' the cash a couple of months ago<br>But niggas call me crazy cause I'm known to smoke a hoe<br>Smoke a hoe smoke a hoe smoke two smoke a few<br>Got my motherfuckin' crew now what you wanna do? <br>B.u.s.h.w.i.c.k. blowin' niggas away<br>Doin' this type of shit every motherfuckin' day<br>Never waste another niggas time<br>Got my nine gettin' paid kickin' these motherfuckin' dope rhymes<br>So if it comes down to it I might gat cha<br>Dead in that motherfuckin' dump give that ass a fracture<br>Cause I ain't that nigga you wanna fuck with<br>Bushwick bill the nigga named chuckwick<br>So here it comes fool

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