GETO BOYS - First Light of The Day lyrics

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Step out on my corner with my box of rocks

Drama covers my hood from blocks and blocks

See my homie that I hang with

Hit him up with the deuce thumb thang shit

Back then it came with the love and niggas wasnt trippin over scratch

Cause we took turns and we both stacked stacks

And if you had a customer you had him for life

Cause brad the true hustler granted you right

Cause if you gonna pack leaves then you got to get along

And he who disagrees then got to get him gone

Cause if you start to get paid the niggas wanna flex

And ain't no squabbling these days some niggas brought the tech

And when they find you they sending you to immortal ground

And ain't no coming back from that shit you going down

Now you history with the quickness cause you was

Fuckin up the business

Now what a way to end a friendship shouldve finished

Cause ain't no love for pause in this game

Nigga I'm relentless leaving your moms in the pain

If your ass had to get got then I got your ass

Rude boy mishandled the stock so I popped your ass

I'm so for doe that my mind flows in it for life

That I'm down to let my mind go get it tonight

No understanding when I'm hustling

Because in life all I understood was hustling cause I was struggling

Muscling anything in the way

Of me seeing first motherfuckin light of the day

Chorus: repeat 2x

My pockets ain't hurting thats for certain

You see a broke muthafucker it's a burden

I'm the first muthafucker on the block for the cheese

And I'm the last muthafucker to leave

[bushwick bill]

There was some niggas selling dope down the street I know

You make a left they on the right third white house from the liquor store

You can't miss it cause they be cappin

Pretty cars in the yard

Walkie talkies and security guards

Them muthafuckers had money out the ass and it was evident

By the way they dressed and flashed

Meanwhile I'm on the outside looking in

I got to get them mutha fuckers how can I win

Three a.m. coming from the club caught the pussies

Me and four niggas hiding in the bushes

Jumped out like the jumpout boys with them glocks and gauges

(whew) you should've saw them niggas faces

Bitches get butt naked is what I ordered

Open the door get on the floor they was slaughtered

(they was slaughtered)

Cause once inside we didn't need em

We knew where the scratch was located six months before we raided

And ain't feel nothing for their family

Cause in this life you take the bitter with the sweet or your gambling

Nigga I'm busting anything in the way

Of me seeing first muthafuckin light of the day

Chorus 2x

[willie d]

Now you can say what you want about my persona

But don't let me hear you or I'm gon' freak you out like madonna

Sneak up on put my gat to your stomach squeeze the trigga

So close them eyes cause youse a dead ass nigga

Motherfuckers say I'm wrong because I feel this way

But my environment taught me how to deal this way

And if I kill this way then thats the way I got to go

Cause everything you reap in life you got to sow

But I don't care about the paid down the road from a fool

I'm living for today but if tomorrow comes cool nigga

If you think you want to meddle with this

Bring your ass to the square and we can settle this shit

I'm going pop pop pop til your head start swelling

Pop pop pop till your ass start smelling

You cried when your grandma died that was real

But you ain't got to cry no more you going to see her

And newcomers get dealt with

Cause you cant get paid if you ain't part of my clique nigga

I'm bustin anything in the way

Of me seeing first muthafuckin light of the day

Chorus 4x

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