GETO BOYS - Eye 4 An Eye lyrics

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I got a partner who been gone for 11 flat

And I ain't seen him since he's been gone imagine that

A young nigga in the hood I grew up in

Fightin a battle in the system that no one wins

And all these niggas go for bad when they lose friends

Gettin impossible to tie up all the loose ends

My homeboy lost his sista in a car wreck

He's still alive but through her eyes he done saw her death

And when he came he was violent

And when he left she was silent (silent)

Aint no other way left to describe it

You tellin niggas keep they heads up you fool you

When they killin niggas like they used to

And ain't no muthafuckin body fightin back

Pretty soon they gon be hangin blacks (why?)

Cause niggas won't react we're takin eye 4 an eye

And a tooth for a tooth do them bitches like they do us

Cockin back and shoot

(Chorus #1)

Lock & load standin at the end of the road

Glocks explode you muthafuckas reap what you sow

Lock the doors ain't nobody leavin alive

At the end of the line we gotta die


That's why we're takin eye 4 an eye

And a tooth for a tooth

Do them bitches like they do us

Cockin back and shoot

Lock & load standin at the end of the road

Glocks explode

You ride 4 me I ride 4 you

(Verse 2)

And when you pop them muthafuckas

You pop them bitches till they stop bleedin

I'm coming through and my glock leadin

And they stop breathin

You tell his muthafuckin mama:'stop grievin'

Cause we're not leavin

Until she know how to feels to lose a loved one

Muthafuck' a redneck racist

(Fuck that nigga let's slug one nigga)

Tie the bitch up by his ankles to the back of a truck

drag his ass till his body parts rip the fuck up

(Chorus #1)

(Verse 3)

That's why I'm keepin my peace of mind

Poverty destruction to be destroy

Everything that it touches

Leavin niggas on cruches

And the whole neighborhood in pain

We bow our heads and continue to pray

(Chorus #1 + #2)

(Verse 4)

You disrespect our community when you come arounds Sendin us black ministers to calm us down

Bitch fuck peace and the police

Until the bullshit cease it's a war in the belly of the beast

I'm a Nat Turner learner,I keep my finger on the fuckin trigga

I ain't scared like these other niggas

Black life bein lost to you cannibal types

While you're fightin over animal rights

You cannibal types

Decapitate 'em like they did dude

And leave em rottin' in the woods

Leave em sittin there for bird food

It's cold blooded

Cause we can't get a fair shot

We're doin' 20 years for dime rocks

Three strikes and shit for niggas and the vatos

Not for the crackers up in Pine Oaks and I hope (I hope)

But painfully we're all overcomin

But ain't no muthafuckin singin

You want drama we can bring it

(Willie D)

Look I'ma say this shit one time and one time only

We ain't against all white people

But we are against all white people that's against us


(Verse 5 & Chorus #1 + #2)

Fuck the jail cells

Fuck the mengy ass dogs

Fuck the chewing tobacco

Fuck the confederate flag

And Fuck your Militias

Your shotguns in the back of your pickups!

You cow-herdin, sheep-fuckin, horseback-ridin

Berefoot-walkin, tractor-drivin, trailer-parkin

Cousin-fuckin, Nigga-Jew-hatin

Redneck racist (you muthafucka!!)

YOU muthafuckas are unbelievable

Y'all talkin all that shit about go back to Africa

You were'nt talkin all that shit when we was out there in them fields sweatin

Pickin that cotton for y'all muthafuckin asses

We built this muthafucka

We deserve just as much if not more

Prosperity then you hoes do

Angry white men

Who the fuck you angry with

You should be angry with your muthafuckin self

Because we don't own corporate America

Y'all do

Corporated America is 70 % white male Anglo Saxon

Y'all run the muthafuckin

Y'all took the jobs overseas

You wanna be bad at somebody

Be mad at your goddamned self

But if you wanna get it on we can get it on muthafucka

Till the break of dawn you understand what I'm sayin

You wanna race war

U got it

I ain't scared to you muthafuckas

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