GETO BOYS - Do It Like A G. O. lyrics

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Department chrone master speaking.<br>Yo d what's up? <br>Just chillin' man what's up? <br>Give 'em geto boys a ring.<br>Hold 'em down.<br><br>Geto boys.<br>Ay.<br>What's up g? <br>Yeah man I've got willie d on the other end.<br>What's up will? <br>What's up man? what's up fellas? <br>Y'know.<br><br>Say fellas. I've been kicking a few lyrics in the back of my mind man<br>And I'm tired of motherfuckers disrespecting us because we're black owned<br>And won't sell out. so check this out. we need to get together and go to<br>That other level of the game and do it like a g.o.<br><br>Say no more, cuzz we're on the telephone.<br>We get them motherfuckers man.<br><br>I'm back like a rebel making trouble,<br>I'm an assassin,<br>Kickin' ass on the double,<br>No motherfucker alive is gonna stop me,<br>So fuck you and your god-damn posse.<br><br>It's time to step on some motherfuckin' toes,<br>[naaah dee],<br>Man fuck them hoes.<br><br>The east coast ain't playin' our songs,<br>I want to know what the hell's goin' on,<br>Give me my card--radio sucker,<br>I'll kick your ass,<br>And take the motherfucker,<br>Everybody know new york is where it began,<br>So let the ego-shit end.<br><br>Black radio is being disowned,<br>Not by the other race--but it's own,<br>A lot of bullshit records make hits,<br>Because the radio is all about politics,<br>Action is my identity,<br>Whoever you be,<br>[don't don't don't fuck with me!],<br>My last go,<br>The radio struck me with a low blow,<br>Now I'm doin` it like a g.o.<br><br>Everybody's coming with guns,<br>Niggaz gettin' pimped by columbians,<br>They put 'em on the streets like a bitch,<br>Nigga's slangin',<br>But the puerto rican gettin' rich,<br>I never sold the mess,<br>But if I did,<br>It would be,<br>For my goddamn self,<br>Can you adjust to the wholesale bust,<br>Bushwick tell these motherfuckers what's up.<br><br>When will you stupid motherfuckers learn,<br>In this game one way or another you get burned.<br>You end up behind bars,<br>Or lying on your back in a motherfuckin' morgue,<br>And your gal'l find another nigger,<br>'cause the [unknown word] bitch ain't nothin' but a gold digger,<br>I'll fuck her but my money is a no-no!,<br>[why? ],<br>I'm a hoe so I do it like a g.o.<br><br>Fucked up politics,<br>Those tie wearin' bitches,<br>Can suck my dick,<br>They try to ban my style of teaching,<br>But freedom of speech,<br>Allow me to keep speaking to the people,<br>About shit like racism,<br>It's deep into the heart of the school system,<br>Whites get more funds from the state,<br>And this is why minorities learn so late,<br>Some of us make it to college,<br>And take a test to the highest degree,<br>With limited knowledge,<br>Most of us won't pass the bitch,<br>And those whiten ass motherfuckers know this,<br>I'm not malcolm x or farrakhan,<br>After this one,<br>I guess I'll have to pack a gun,<br>So if you want to fuck with this brother,<br>You better be ready motherfucker,<br>Or you gonna have to g.o.<br><br>Willie d is not a bigot and he won't be,<br>I just educate minds to reality,<br>This ain't no mutherfuckin back to africa,<br>Try to pull that shit,<br>We'll have a massacre,<br>Our sisters were killed at will,<br>Bought and sold like a used automobile,<br>We forced a back to exist,<br>Now we're killing one another,<br>Ain't that a bitch.<br><br>Ready red comin' at ya,<br>Holding my ground like a motherfuckin' statue,<br>You take nothin' from me so stop trippin',<br>Unless you want to take a mutherfuckin ass whippin',<br>Bitch,<br>Motherfuck the kkk,<br>Wearing dresses and shit,<br>What the fuck is they gay,<br>A color blind society will never be,<br>Unless we agree,<br>[harmony],<br>To do it like a g.o.<br><br><br>Rap-a-lot.<br><br>Hey j this is the president of white-owned records. we see you still<br>Survivin' but we want to ask you to keep your boys quiet. if you don't we<br>Will. or here's another alternative. we take 95% of your company and you<br>Take five and we'll make you famous within ten years. it would take you a<br>Lifetime by yourself because you know your people don't stick together. what<br>You say about that boy? <br><br>Man fuck you.<br><br>I would advise you not to talk to me like that boy! just who the hell you<br>Think you are anyway? <br><br>I'm a livin' motherfuckin g. I ain't to be fucked with.<br>If you want to go to war. I take you to war.

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