GETO BOYS - Dirty Bitch lyrics

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[foul mouthed girl yelling at Bill on the phone]

[Bushwick Bill]

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear

Gotta start with the right material, to generate a useful idea

In other words, you can't turn a ho into a housewife

Try it, the bitch'll make you sock her in her mouth twice

It started out beautiful, but you was playin possum

To me, you was just a fuck, but our relationship blossomed

Got attached to your kids, I loved 'em like my own

I loved 'em like my own

Referred to your daughter as my daughter, your son as my son

Called you my wife, even if it was common law

Never saw a better creature in my life

How could the one who stole my heart, make me reach for my knife

(Why you reachin for your knife?) Cause I'ma stab that bitch

(What if they take your freedom Bill?) They can have that shit

Now she wanna be friends - ain't that a bitch?

Fuck you bitch, I hate you bitch!

I wouldn't care if you burned in a fire

Crashed in a plane or got hit by a motherfuckin train

You make my life a livin hell, the sun's out but it's dark

You're the devil, all you need is a pitchfork

I'm too short to take shorts

I'm havin seconds thoughts, the ride's too scary, I gotta get off

I wish I never met you ho

I wanna hang you from a fuckin cliff and let go, you dirty bitch

[Chorus 2X: Bushwick Bill]

Why you wanna bring me down

Why you wanna bring me down, you dirty bitch

[Bushwick Bill]

I once believed that I could save you, emotion was squandered

Now go back to that fuckin rock you crawled from under

I did more fo' yo' kids, than they sorry-ass biological father ever had

That's why they called me dad

Your own momma used to tell me not to fuck wit'cha ass

I messed around and got you pregnant, now I'm stuck wit'cha ass

I gave you everything I had, didn't have to be forced

Why the fuck you wanna take a nigga to court? You dirty bitch

Tell me this, who paid the medical expense

When your kids was sick, suck dick you fuckin whore

Burned my car and my clothes, like you were Angela Bassett

I left town, you moved out, all you left was the mattress

Now I'm hearin that you had another man all the while

When I see you I'ma beat your ass, so go 'head and file

I can tell by your tone you think it's funny bitch

Where the fuck is my money bitch? You ain't runnin shit

I'll hook you up like your kidneys failed

You think I give a fuck about sittin in jail?

You think I don't know the ghetto streets are bumpy?

And you're the reason why them niggaz tried to jump me?

At first I was cool with the split

But you keep, callin my new bitch, bein messy and shit

You can't stand to see me happy, with or without you

Had to rain on my parade, it was all a charade

You triflin slut, ain't worth a cigarette butt

I shoulda left you where I found you, waitin on a bus

Wanna drag you to a field and chop you up to the bone

You ain't worth the fuckin ground I walk on, you dirty bitch

[Chorus] - 2X

[girl on the phone mouths off 'til Bushwick breaks in]

[Bushwick Bill]

Ahh! someone call the police

Yeah, take this bitch, uh-huh, yeah motherfucker yeah

Yeah, yeah you fuckin, yeah bitch!

Yeah you fuckin..

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