GETO BOYS - Crooked Officer lyrics

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I'm sick of you hoes tryin to run mine

I'm comin with a good line

Runnin after one time

I got a grudge against you blue suits

Black suitswhite suits and state troops

That's the way you made us

Sent a brother to the penenitentiary is how you play us

Lock us up for the summer

Took the brother's name away and passed us as a number

Just because you legally pack a gack man

Doesn't necessarily mean you have to point it at the black man

Especially you black cops

You let your gacks pop

Because them honkies got you brainwashed

Now we come to new dealings

Fuck all the dumb shitthe line of work is cap peeling

I'm cuttin shit short

Ain't no fillin out reports

Cause you ain't makin it to court

I'm lettin freedom ring

From the hole in my glockfor fuckin off rodney king

It ain't shit that you can ask us

And since justice is blindI'm gone buy the bitch some glasses

Wake the fuck up chumps

I'm comin after your ass

Crooked officer


Mr. officercrooked officer

I wanna put your ass in a coffin sir

Cause you done fucked with niggas like myself for too long

It's time to grab my motherfuckin shit and get it on


Oh mr. officercrooked officer what's happening

You beat another black man's ass and now you high tapping friend

Do I have to move to river oaks

And bleach my fuckin skin so I can look like these white folks

Just to get some assistance

Because the brutality in my neighborhood is gettin persistent

Cause you wanna harass me yeah

And if I talk back you wanna bust my black ass g

Just like rodney king

But if you try that shit with meit's gonna be a different scene

Try to pull me over on a dark road

But I'll be damned if I don't grab my nine and unload

Until every blue shirt turns red

You heard what I said

I want all you crooked motherfuckers dead

So you better start pickin out your coffin sir

Cause I'm comin after your ass


Big mike:

Momma called me up the pther day I got a warrant

Punk ass laws wanna know where the gun went

Say I shot a nigga the other night at a party

Lieing out they ass I was at home drinkin 40s

Coolin with my niggas playin dominoes in the kitchen

A big black nigga did the killin and I'm fittin the description

And you know they think all black niggas look alike

So now they got the flashlight lookin for big mike

Jackin niggas up tryin to capture me

Coppers wanna gaffle me

Tryin to put bullets into the back of me

Time and time again I told them I didn't do it

And they knew it

But they still pursued it

So them motherfuckers blew

So now I'm about to grab my shit

And put them son of a bitches six feet under

Cause I'm sick of runnin from you motherfuckers

Turnin tables cause I'm able I ain't fallin victim

Time to play a gamesee the police watch me stick them

Cause I ain't runnin from the p-o-l-i-c-e never

Motherfuckin t-i-m-e of day

They'll have to g-u-t a me

Off the s-e-t

And my h double o d

Fuckin around with the b-i-g

You'll be in a g-r-a-v-e

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