GETO BOYS - Bring It On lyrics

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Intro:<br>Bring it on<br><br>2low:<br>Cover your dome or feel the motherfuckin' glock<br>The problem child is in the house I'm lettin' off shots<br>Biggedy bang biggedy bang hit them motherfuckers dead<br>I'm down on this track and I'm about to get wreck<br>I'm comin' like a hustla never comin' busta<br>Blastin' around you hoes screamin' die motherfucka<br>Never showin' mercy cause that shit is for the weak<br>I ? put my glock and knock that nigga off his feet<br>A young nigga judge says I'm bigger<br>Step up with that bullshit and I'm a greet you with this trigger<br>Blastin' all you hoes to let you know how it feels<br>Fuckin' with the 5th ward psycho get your fuckin' dome peeled<br>Motherfucker bring it on<br><br>Seagram:<br>It's the seagster the major leagesta<br>Bitch deceiver nigga life or leaver<br>Oakland, hustler never been a buster<br>Make way for the nine try I'm comin' motherfucker<br>Straight from the 6-9 the final line village<br>Doin' more damage than an exxon spillage<br>Uh coward and that's that<br>I'm known to pack a gat and put heads on flap<br>No rehabilitating my trigger<br>Take a nigga out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the nigga<br>Ain't nothin' changed since the 70's<br>I'm hellbound bitch my life ain't never been heavenly<br>Never slippin' porno a nigga don't laugh<br>Game tight replace a niggas nights with a toe tag<br>Fazoo his ass and a zigga I'm the founder<br>Stackin' up bodies like jeffery dahlmer<br>Oh here comes the flow<br>Watch me as I tip toe to a niggas window with my m-6-0<br>Puttin' motherfuckers out they misery<br>And watchin' the murders reanacted on unsolved mysteries<br>Trick, coward ass pussy ass faggot<br>Six feet deep is where you sleep with the worms and the maggots<br>Nigga can't harm me<br>Rap-a-lot army comin' like desert storm<br>You've been warned but if you still want some nigga bring it on<br><br>Bandaid bandit of too much trouble:

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