GETO BOYS - Bling Leading The Blind lyrics

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Hey yocheck dis dope ass beat out

Willie back in da muthafuckin house and I got my niggas

Da menace clan on dis one to help me out

And we representin our God damn selves

Cuz how da fuck

You gona tell me how to get to where I'm goin

When you don't know where da fuck you goin

Man das da blind leadin da muthafuckin blind

I could'v been a leader not a follower a coach not a balla

I could've had progress

I could've lived wit less stress

But I took it upon myself and played da card I wuz delt

Thought about my self

Fuck everyone else

And they said fuck me too

But it was cool like that

See my mission was paper chasin and puttin da hood aon da map

Now I've done been there

Done that

Took one step and dew back

For da life I wuz takin

Wut da fuck wuz I thinkin

Should'v slowed it down but I wuz speedin

And I wuz stuck with a code

And niggas waitin around to see if I wuz gonna come up befo

But I can fold like a bitch

Seen da chance to switch

But I wuz brought up yo make it

Seen da chance to take it

Find a rule and break it

Take a badge and shake it

And against all odds

Get da fuck outta dodge

But I'm a nigga wit records dat da state can't file

Youngblindand wild

An uncontrollable child in da ghetto

But seddling fo mo everyday

And when I make up my mind I'm gonna get back in line but now i'm

Chorus 2x

Blind leadin da blind

In a world of wars I search for peace of mind my stabillity

Fo my niggas and me said da way life wuz supposed to be in da ghetto

I looked out my window wut did I see

It wuz a crack head nigga starin dead at me

He said can I get a muthafuckin nickle for three

I told his ass to da better in his rorock swetta

He got a daughter he ain't fed her

He'd rather get high

In his eye I see da demon

I can hear babies screamin


It demeaning to see him

To be in the ghetto

But this is where I settle

Now wut would you do wit a strap in yo hand

Gangstas do wut dey wunt to

Suckas do wut dey can

My role modle sips on a forty botlle

In his footsteps I follow grab da brew and take a swallow

I've been livin on da streets since da age of thirteen

Cuz I wuz sick of being raised by a dope fiend I so seen

Babies need similac money dat wuz meant for similac wuz spent on crack

Now do you wanna

No I don't and it's a liquor sto on every cona

And niggas ain't da owna

Now listenwe cant afford to send our kids to school but dey got da


To spend dey money on da chaps when we could send our kids to college

Now here we are: hoesdopesdealersand bums

At da white man's table still beggin fo crumbs but it's da

Chorus 2x

Niggas shoot ball

(niggas shoot da logs)

Nigas shoot da doves

(niggas shoot to love)

Niggas shoot up

(niggas shoot pool)

But watch out cuz niggas shoot niggas too

So wut da fuck am I to do when niggas fallin down like flies

And dis muthafuckin money starin me in da eyes

And my brother sayin come on in stop buggin

But we done already lost 3 uncles and 5 cousins

To da streets niggas shit deep

No room fo da maple leafs

Cuz muthafuckas play fo keep

I wunt respect when I step on da field

Saw a nigga dat killed I gotta kill befo deez niggas get sum bright ideals

And start thinkin we hoes or sumthin

So when I see dat muthafucka nigga nigga staight dumpin

Chorus 2x

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