GETO BOYS - Be Down lyrics

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From Brooklyn New York I'm down with Brother Radee

Trenton's the land of truth, I'm down with Waduski

I'm down with J from Houston and I think you should know

That when I'm down in LA I'm down with Harry-O

Now undercover runnin from the mafios

My boy was makin I'll moves and no one ever knows

A long white Lincoln pulls up, says, "Yo"

My boy said, "Hey, what's up bro"

They asked a question, he said, "No"

Out comes the chauffeur, I stepped back to observe

If he was down he'da told me, I watched my boy get served

A few nights later we rocked a show, get paid

So we can take a trip to Houston and be down with J

Made our reservations and the very next day

Received a call sayin, "Johnny man, it got away"

Crackheads, no, you could never trust 'em

Not even if it's your brother or your very best friend

Cause they wanna be down, try to be down

But still can get you shot down

Over a 5 or a 10, yo

You gotta be down, you gotta be down

You gotta be down, you gotta be down


You gotta be down, you gotta be down

Now if you gonna be down, then be down


He had serious intentions on bein a star

Fame was his name and he planned to go far

I knew it would happen, but never thought it was you

Preached Balls and My Word and still deserted the crew

But now you're lost in the sauce and your talent would leave ya

And now that I'm on top I'm gonna damn sure tease ya

Way down beneath is where he's gonna send ya

Cause you're nothin but a liar and a

You thought we'd never make it, to you that's how it seemed

But now I'm high and rockin from believin in dreams

Box is down with rock 'n roll and I'm with the league

Hardcore champ and my bullets received

Ghetto Boys is a posse and I'm down because I wanna be

Billy is a man, pinch his cheek, freak, and you will be down

But only on the ground spittin out sand

Forget it, Red is sharp, man, he's cuttin like a sword

Jersey boys are jealous cause we're down with 5th Ward

Some say we're traitors cause it's not our hometown

But it's hittin and fittin and like I said you gotta be down

Word, Grand Wizard, enter with a breakdown

Now he was brought up in the ghetto, taught to be a bad kid

Never thought twice about the things he did

Robbed a lot of stores and had never been caught

Until now - still say it wasn't his fault

He had a homebody and cause said he was deep

He'll meet him on a spot about a quarter to three

The plan was to rob a small store named Pops

It was in the neighborhood, no one has ever seen cops

Approached the destination and his boy got afraid

Never knew a man who was scared to get paid

Looked into his eyes and all he saw was regret

Grabbed his gun and said, "You're ready? " Shook his hand, he said, "Bet"

Wheels started screamin, lights started flashin

He panicked, saw the cops, then down the alley started dashin

They gave chase, he missed out on the cut

3:30 on the dot, Pops' wife was lockin up

Ramshacked the door, the old lady dropped

Pulled out his gun, said, "Where's the money, Pops? "

They tried to play Spanish like they didn't understand

(No English! No English!)

Dugged into her bra and pulled out at least a grand

Movin fast Pops sweatin and red

He said, "

Bust him cross the head with a bottle of wine

Loaded up his pockets in his Louis Vuitton

Ran outside and all he heard was, "Boy, freeze! "

Reached for the sky, fell to his knees

Threw down the gun and towards the law he started draggin

Handcuffed, beaten down and thrown into the wagon

On the corner smokin cheeb' supposed to be down (? Dale?)

He said, "I thought about it, man, and I'm not down with goin to jail"

Cause robbin and stealin is not the way that we're livin

And to be down with the Boys you gotta be down with givin

Cause there's joy in our hearts, we're really all about peace

So if you see a crook in action, be down and call the police


Come on

You gotta be down, you gotta be down

You gotta be down, you gotta be down


You gotta be down, you gotta be down

Now if you gonna be down, then be down


The Prince Johnny C

We the Ghetto Boys send peace

Ease and seckle

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