George Transcender

George Transcender - Let Me Take You

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standing there in a country field -

shined her love deep into my eyes -

and when she smiles like a country girl -

stars freeze in the sky -

and my soul starts to fly -

and then she saves me, with her smile, my country girl -

let me take you - you belong with me -

I belong with you - let me take you home -

baby don't you know that I came home that day

and saw the phone light blinkin'

and then my heart was sinkin' an crazy an all at once

cause I was thinkin'

just how far and high we could fly without your lies

that make us cry an die

and wonder why we live an love an try and, and,

now deep within a file locked inside my mind your junkie glow

and fears that grow upon your soul

that make me sick to feel ya cut this good man to the quick

to see a woman die inside the day that she took sides

and chose the dark

and threw away the will to love and to be loved and, and,

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