Gengahr - Dizzy Ghosts

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Curse all I know about bein' idle

When I think of what I've done

Sure enough I won't be waitin' out, speakin' low


Darlin', it started out meanin' nothin'

Darlin', it started out meanin' nothin'


Can't speak alone now

Who decided where the road should lead to now

Sure enough inside a room you laid aside to rip me off

Part of nothin'

You don't notice all the lies & I want some

Feelin' thirsty becos' the drinks you made were nothin'

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 2)

Hard enough to know that I should be there

With a flash or with a bang

Cut the eyes out all the pictures

That you left me by the side

Walkin' ova, shiny colors, call me supernatural

(Chorus x2)

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