Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo - M-Town Representatives f/ Hypnotize Camp Posse lyrics

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[DJ Paul]

Niggas you roll them dice

You better except how they fall

Nigga you fucking wit Juice

Nigga you fucking wit Paul

Nigga you fucking wit Boo

Nigga you fucking wit Black

Lil bitch you fucking wit Lord

Lil bitch you fucking wit Pat

Nigga you fucking wit Roc

Nigga you fucking wit Chat

And if you fuck wit La Chat

We blow your chest through your back

And if you fuck wit anyone else

I dont give a fuck

Because they dont plead and breed HCP nigga what

[Lord Infamous]

I always leave them in suspense

Better put up your defense

cause this .44's intense

Niggas catch a body risk

Bloody glock bloody trench

Bloody bodies on the fence

Bloody legion, all you bitches bloody six is in the midst

Oh my Lord, Infamous

Cock the hammer let it split

I'm the damager carnage

I'm the razor in your wrist

I'm the medicine you hit

Got you fucking throwing fits

Kicking chairs and swinging fists

How long can you get to this?


[Crunchy Black]

It started way back when a nigga was a kid

I stick and move my nigga

That's the shit that I did

I broke a few fucking bones

And I cast few stones

I pulled a few fucking tone

Man that shit went wrong

You got me stuck in the zone

When a nigga doing wrong

I pop you once in your head with that goddamn chrome

Don't give a fuck motherfucker

If your family moarn

Shouldna stepped to me dawg

Shouldna stepped to me at all

You weak busta!

[Project Pat]

A mistaken ID

Wanna put me in the po-key

Cuz I'm on parole

Police swearing that they know he

Had to do the shit

Cuz Project Pat is a convict

Whose North Memphis raised

Hood bred taking no shit

If I did the hit

You'll be left okey dokey

Still selling dope on the motherfucking lowski

When I pull the tone

After that squeeze the trigger

On any punk bitch or a ho ass nigga!

[La Chat]

See I'ma go and have to kill a bitch

Empty the clip

I guess that's the only way

Or I'ma have to buy you a lick

La Chat aint with that bullshit

I be burying hoes

And I'ma do it for the weather bitch

Fuck a low low

Man I'm a mean bitch I tell ya

I done been there done that

It aint no mission I cant finish

Nothing aint too tough for Chat

So if you catch me slippin ho

Fuck me wearing a mask

Cuz once I know its you fo sho

I'ma cremate ya ass

[Juicy J]

Can a nigga get chosen

Knees kinda cold

Have you seen a memphis playa

Ride bentley rose

I done told ya that I'm always gonna stand on ten toes

With a liquor bottle, crack, and a blunt already rolled

My cologne smell the curb

Just superb on these hoes

Hanging with these Memphis killas

With that candy round they nose

On my neck on my wrist

Is that jewelry that be froze

On my face is my cardier shades and my golds


Is this a stain to be making?

It's a T-Roc creation

No roofer sniper you facing

I'm like an offspring of Satan

My innovation of danger

From the slugs of the chamber

Keep more guns than a ranger

Prepared to mangle a stranger

My competition deleted

From verbal telekenisis

Placing bodies in ditches

And leave them stinking like fecis

Once the list is depleted

Fold my dollars like creaces

My coalition is the Hypnotize Camp

Its no secret nigga!

[Gangsta Boo]

If I go leave me a stain

I got two glocks and a blunt

Bout to let you bitches know

That Gangsta Boo don't give a fuck

I got diamonds on my wrist

I got diamonds in my teeth

Is it a bird?

Is it a bee?

Can you bitches picture me?

Talking shit about Ms. Lady

When you know you wanna fuck

Ya'll round town clowing

Doing donuts in the truck

Got you bitches to the flo'

Got the nigga take his dough

I be Mrs. "Where Da Dollas At?"

You hatas know the score

I be ballin ATL

I hit round up on the cell

Got them meet me at the swiss

And bring some niggas to the tale

Might as well go on playa

Ya'll aint ready for the gangsta ho

I be rippin bitches

Like guerilla, murder, kill ho

I dont give a fuck

What you groupies say up in the streets

Catch me off in gucci sheets

Sleeping living luxury

Just to give you hoes

All the answers you been waiting fo

I remain the undisputed champ

Nigga ye aint know?

Ha Ha...Bitch!

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