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G4 Boyz - Wassup lyrics

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I’m dealing, wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup wassup

A nigga got a problem till the nigga f*ck em buck up

You’re dealing with the nigga ain’t got no ..

You quick the ..ain’t got no time you ..

My ambition never ride up me and my girlfriends six ..coop

Got your work .. when the kid she didn’t know

I think you should know

It’s probably been hoe

While the ..

Every single day yeah i stay flossin

Swim the f*cking .. like the mother f*cking dolphin

The broke nigag got me pocking

Tell me do i ball hell yeah often

Catch me on the block

Marble with the mobsters everything rare like a mother f*cking lobster

Been fake i never playin pasta

Using that meet ball nigga no pasta

Catch me on the block crime from the dope ..

..shit up like the mother f*cker dope ..

Everything G .. i’m ..my respect they know me

Shout south and .. i’m homie ..never been the .. game

Whatever does

Whatever .. the gaem game game


What you did for em to just slipper

I swear to god be drifter

Pull me off while I’m going to jail

Btu try to ride you go to hell

Started off as it look out

To the oh got took off

Now many kitchen no barbeque no bout to have a cook out

No .. to a kilo, key low to a hundred ..

Underground to a master plan and there you go ..

Chick for it next level shit

Since i’ve been senses

Holy molly you would think you .. on that rubber shit

When you see me don’t’ say you peace nigga

..money on your head life ..try to set me off

I’m tryin ..i’m just tryin to get out the shit ..

You can s*ck the dick ..wehn i was 16 all my niggas we about to ..


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